10 Mistakes Most Guys Make on the First Date

7 March 2016

2. Spending all night only talking about himself

This is a common mistake both men and women make on a first date. Excessive chattiness is a major turn-off. If you plan on spending the whole night talking about all your “adventures” and every single thing that happened you, you should know that there won’t be a second date.

Even if your stories are very interesting for you, they might not be for her. So, don’t talk too much about everything that has happened to you throughout your life. Leave something for later!

Although it might be tempting to share your memories form a college party, you might want to  think twice before starting your story. It’s better if you keep it simple. Of course, if she asks you something about yourself don’t shut up.

So, if you want to be successful, use a few phrases in which you sum everything you want her to know.  This will also show that you know how to watch your words.

10 Mistakes Most Guys Make on the First Date
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