10 Most Expensive Cookbook in The World

3 April 2016

How much are people willing to pay for an expensive cookbook?

The answer may surprise you. Culinary experts write cookbook to pour out their knowledge and ideas in cooking. The content, packaging, and the author’s name are among the things make the book becomes an expensive cookbook.

To them, cooking is not just about making something to feed our stomach. But it is art and it is science. When you love cooking, you will not mind spending hours and hours in your kitchen.

The making of cookbook began decades ago. It was only a cooking guidance written by a chef or a how-to book for several well-known recipes. Now, cookbooks have become collectible items that even though we are on the modern era of digital reading, these books are still on the market.

Take a look at these ten cookbooks with extraordinary prices. Let’s start the countdown!

10. “The Practice of Cookery Pastry and Confectionery” by Frazer (Sold for $375)

Expensive Cookbook: The Top 10 Premium List The Practice of Cookery Pastry and Confectionery
The Practice of Cookery Pastry and Confectionery | source: the-saleroom.com

Let’s start the list of expensive cookbook with this Scottish book. This book has been popular in Scotland area since the early of 19th century. This is its third edition. It was published in the year of 1800 by Peter Hill, Edinburgh.

Mrs. Frazer was a successful head of culinary school for women in Edinburgh. She wrote this cookbook after being inspired by Susanna Maciver.

Mrs. Frazer spent her time teaching at Susanna Maciver’s school. This was how she was inspired by Maciver’s book of Cookery and Pastry that was published in 1773.

Among the famous recipes inside Frazer’s cookbook are haricot of mutton, trussed hares, and ducks ragoo’d. The book is sold for $375. Being a vintage collectible book, its price will only keep rising.

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