10 Most Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Buy

10 July 2014

10 Most Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Buy

Wondering which are the most expensive and useless things celebrities buy?

We have the answer, and it’s not something cheap.

We all know celebs like to splurge on luxurious and overpriced items, but some of them really over-do it. I guess that when you have the money, it doesn’t really matter if you need something or not, you might as well buy it.

From fancy extravagances to really weird things, celebrities surely know hot to spend money. And we’ve made a list for that.

There were many expensive items, and we are going to talk about just the 10 most bizarre of them. For the others, we’ve made a quick list for you to enjoy.

  • Mike Tyson – White Bengal Tigers – $150.000
  • Jay Z – 75 Bottles of Bubbly – $250.000
  • Nicolas Cage – An Octopus and Two King Cobras – $275.000
  • Nicolas Cage – Dinosaur Skull – $276.000 – he is one big spender, see what else he bought in the article!
  • Rihanna – Hairdos – $1 Million

These are the expensive and useless things celebrities buy, but which are not included in the rest of the article. See the weirdest things of them all up next!

10.Bono – A Plane Ticket For A Hat – $1.700

We had no idea that hats need a plane ticket, but it seems like they do!

Celebs love to travel in luxury, and it looks like their clothes do that as well. U2 singer Bono forgot his favourite hat behind when he went on a trip to Italy. And what did he do?

Paid $1.700 for the hat to be brought back to him, of course. The hat travelled at first class, and was transported in two cabs to and from the airport.

The trip from London to Bologna costed no less than $1.700. That is a fancy hat, for sure.

10 Most Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Buy

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