10 Most Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Buy

10 July 2014

5.Celine Dion – Humidifier – $2 Million

The next celebrity on our list of most expensive and useless things celebrities buy is Celine Dion.

If your average humidifier costs around $20 dollars, Celine Dion’s costs $2 million.

We get that the singer wants to train her vocal cords and pamper them in the best way possible, but isn’t that too much?

I mean, what does a $2 million humidifier do? That’s what we were wondering, but the only reasonable explanation is that is either made of gold, or it runs or diamonds. And I tend to think non of these statements are true.

Celine Dion is known for her extravagances, her having a $4 million/year team, which included an Olympic trainer, a yoga teacher and four bodyguards (and this was back 1999).

10 Most Expensive and Useless Things Celebrities Buy

#4 is surely taking a bath luxuriously style!

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