10 Most Rarest And Expensive Foods In The World

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10 Most Rarest And Expensive Foods In The World

If you want a luxurious dinner, then try one of the next 10 most rarest and expensive foods in the world!

Everybody loves good food. Everybody. And what can taste better than some of the world’s rarest foods? With rarity comes price, so don’t expect these foods to be even close to cheap.

And with the culinary world always in constant change, top chefs are always trying luxurious dishes to Wow even the richest of them all, and intrigue the rest of us to try it at least once.

The foods we are going to talk about are rare and costly, so if you ever try them, be sure that it will be an amazing culinary experience.

So let’s see which are these rare and expensive foods!


The first fine ingredient we are talking about is a saffron.

The Indian spice named saffron is probably the most popular food on our list, but that doesn’t make it any less unique.

Even though saffron is grown and harvested in many areas all over the world, what makes it special is the difficulty involved in harvesting it.

For almost 500 grams of saffron, between 50.000 and 75.000 saffron flowers must be grown. That is almost the size of a football field. So I guess you understand why it’s so rare and expensive.

Those 500 grams of saffron can start at the price of $500 and reach $5.000. So if you ever have the chance to try a dish with saffron, go ahead, you are one of the lucky ones.

10 Most Rarest And Expensive Foods In The World - Saffron
10 Most Rarest And Expensive Foods In The World – Saffron

#2 is produced in only 65 pieces a year!

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