10 Reasons to Date Leonardo DiCaprio

12 May 2016

Are you one of the half billion people who want to date Leonardo DiCaprio?

He is not just a heartthrob. He has been showcasing his brilliant acting since he was a kid. And since then, he has caught many people’s heart. If you ask those half billion people why they want to date Leonardo DiCaprio, you will get all kinds of answers.

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio is now 41 years old. Yet, he is still single. However, you have to stand in line even just to get to know him better.

He first appeared on screen in 1989 as Glen in TV series, The New Lassie. Since then, he has been all over the news for both his masterpieces on screen and stories of his personal life.

Among those many reasons to love him, we gathered ten top reasons why you should date Leonardo DiCaprio (if and when he asks you out!).

10. His good look

10 Reasons to Date Leonardo DiCaprio | good look
10 Reasons to Date Leonardo DiCaprio | #10 His good look | source: wallpapermade.com

Let’s face the fact here, ladies, he looks good! As the saying goes, eyes are the window to the soul. Leo definitely has the best window to his!

He may not be as bulky as Chris Hemsworth. And he may have never won the Sexiest Man Alive title. But who can say no to his gorgeous face?

For some, Leo seems to be the type of guy who will go fully romantic to sweep you off your feet. Well, we have Romeo & Juliet and Titanic to blame. Either way, dating him will be a dream comes true for some.

Even that he is now over 40, we can still see his youth good look. And it only gets better. Haven’t I told you that men age gracefully?

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