Want to marry a hot guy? Think twice.

5 May 2016

Ever since we were kids, Cinderella has taught us to marry a hot guy a.k.a Prince Charming.

The thought of someone getting on one knee right in front of you is breathtaking. Let alone if that someone is the hot guy you’ve been dreaming about. However, think about it again. Is it really your dream to marry a hot guy?

Choosing the best man to be married to is natural for a female. Likewise, a male will choose the best woman to marry. That is how we were designed to do in order to breed.

So in one way and another, we do have animal instincts that we apply in many aspects of our lives including in choosing Mr. Right.

Even though women are naturally attracted to a man that looks good and masculine, as human beings we are given the privilege of thought. That and these ten reasons will help you rethink about your dream of marrying a hot guy.

10. Good look won’t last forever

10 Reasons Not To Marry a Hot Guy Good Look Won't Last Forever
10 Reasons Not To Marry a Hot Guy | #10 Good look won’t last forever | source: youtube.com

Yes, he looks so good now. You love his amazing posture, his perfect hair, his sparkling eyes, and his charming smile. Every time he looks back into your eyes, he takes your breath away.

If that is the main reason why you love him, you don’t want to marry him. Because in 10 years, that amazing posture will deteriorate. That hair will leave his head bald. Those eyes will be weary. And that smile will be replaced by a grim.

Will you still love him? Remember, he may not also be the same lovely person as he is now. He is so cheerful and gentle now because he looks that good and he feels great about it.

But once all the good things that keep him happy are gone, you will be left with a grumpy old man. ‘Till death do us apart, eh?

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