Where should you invest next?

13 May 2016

Are you thinking to place your next investment somewhere? Consider Indonesia.

Indonesia lies in the heart of Southeast Asia. This republic has been developing its infrastructure especially around two decades after its declaration of independence in 1945. From that point on, it has been offering a lot of investment possibilities.

There are many fields in Indonesia to place your investment on. From commodities to properties, they share fairly equal opportunities for investors.

Despite the crisis in both politic and economy, the country stands tall among its class. Investors, both domestic and international, find many reasons to place their investment here.

Among those many reasons, we gathered the ten most common to be added into your consideration in investing your money.

10. High Population Rate

10 Reasons to Place Your Investment in Indonesia | High Population Rate
10 Reasons to Place Your Investment in Indonesia | #10 High Population Rate | source: cnn.com

This archipelago is the home to over 250 million people. That means you have 250 million numbers of people to sell and expand your business to.

With a quarter billion inhabitants, Indonesia becomes the fourth largest population country. This huge crowd will definitely generate a great market for the business you invest in.

The best part is that most of those 250 million people are young and on their productive age. It gives you a large workforce to help your business expands.

Not to mention that Indonesia has a wide variety of ethnic groups and cultures. With such diversity, your business will have a lot of options to direct its development.

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