10 Signs You Are Dating A Woman Not A Girl

1 July 2014

7.Girls Diet. Real Women Don’t

A girl can eat salads, but a real woman can eat whatever she wants.

A girl is always going to complain how fat she is (even if she is underweight). She will say she works out, keeps diets, and she will be very preoccupied about how she looks.

She will probably chow down on food when nobody is there, to maintain her “healthy & skinny” image.

And no, women don’t exactly eat whatever they want, but they don’t brag or complain. They can eat a burger with fries, or an entire pizza, without feeling guilty or cry about it. They can, and they will, because they want to.

They will enjoy the food, they will add some extra dessert to all of that, and the next day they will go back to what they normally eat.

Real women don’t take gym selfies, they actually work out. Real women let people see it, not hear about it. They are healthy because they respect their bodies, not because they have an image to maintain.

10 Signs You Are Dating A Woman Not A Girl10 Signs You Are Dating A Woman Not A Girl

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