What do rich people commonly buy?

16 April 2016

9. Designer’s Suit or Dress

10 Things Rich People Own in Common Designer's Suit or Dress
Alicia Vikander wearing Louis Vuitton | source: bocadolobo.com

Driving a sweet luxurious car will not be enough without getting off it wearing the best suit in town. Where to get it? Top class designers will show you the way.

Those expensive suit and dress are not just nice to look at, but also very comfortable to wear. Plus, you can have it tailor made according to your preference and occasion. You can tell the designers how you want your clothing to be. Isn’t that sweet?

If you’re a celebrity, you can get those clothing endorsed. It means you will get them for free as you are a walking advertisement board. Since you’re not, you have to reach a little deep into your pocket to get these high-end textile products.

One designer’s dress costs at least $20,000. Sandra Bullock once wore a $40,000 midnight-blue Alexander McQueen gown. And Nicole Kidman wore a $2 million dress at the 1997 Academy Awards. It was a chartreuse chinoiserie-embroidered John Galliano for Christian Dior dress.

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