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27 March 2016

10 Types Of Movies To Watch In A Lifetime

Everybody feels like watching a certain type of movie some time in their life, to make it easier for you guys and to help expand your horrizon, I’ve made this list of 10 Types Of Movies To Watch In A Lifetime try and get trough all of them!

You’re feeling a bit low? No problem, I’ve got you covered with the classic you’re-worth-so-much-more-than-this kind of movie.

Having a party with your friends? Want to watch something special? A smart comedy maybe, or you could also go for a deep movie and discuss meanings afterwards.

The possibilities are endless! Even so, I’ve tried to staisfy more tastes and create catherogies for you to pick from!

1. The Classic Feel Good Movie

This activity can boost your spirit just like taking an upper. The gorgeous thing about films is that you can relate so much to the characters and learn a lot from their experiences, thus making them almost your own.

If you’re troubled by something or you are unsure how to solve the problem you’re facing one thing that can help you out is seeing someone else’s perspective and their way of dealing with it.

One of my favourite movies that gets me in the best mood ever and pumps me up to wish and make it big in this world is the masterpiece that is The Wolf of Wall Street .

Martin Scorsese, Leo and Jonah gave their all and made one of the greatest feel-good movies in this world: it’s incredibly funny, you have a lot to learn from it and it will definitely motivate you to do your best work, needless to mention you also get a “glimpse” of the gorgeous Margot Robbie.

10 Types Of Movies To Watch In A Lifetime
via theimaginativeconservative.org
10 Types Of Movies To Watch In A Lifetime
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