10 Unbelievable 3D Street Artworks

24 June 2014

9.Kurt Wenner in Italy

In front of the City Offices in “La Favorita” lies this impressive work of art of no other than Kurt Wenner.

The piece is part of a special series, but I will let him tell you more about it:

“I later did a trilogy of modern “Hells.” These were titled “Gluttony,” “Office Stress,” and “The Ghetto.” All of these images juxtaposed the contemporary world with the values of classical drawing.”

As a response to the changes that took place on that site where instead of the offices there once was a beautiful villa, he did this huge and impressive 3D drawing.

Although it is a frustrating reminder for the people working in those offices, even they must admit that the artist did a terrific job!

3D street artworks
10 Unbelievable 3D Street Artworks

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