10 Underrated Destinations With A Luxury Twist

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Underrated Destinations Around The World Where You Never Thought On Going

Tourism is kind strange when you think that there are some underrated destinations, which are in fact vibrant hot spots that rarely see the travelers guide headlines.

Off the map, with a slow tourist flow or just not mentioned enough, these places offer some of the best types of trips where you find everything while not so crowded.

The list consists in cities and countries where you rarely think to go, because of misinformation, lack of publicity or just think that they are overcrowded and boring.

These underrated destinations have a luxury twist, meaning that the style and comfort we all search is present and alive, bursting with luxury amenities and features.

While other people prefer an overcrowded place, these locations are those where traveling to be fun, the sport is full of energy and you definitely have a great time.

So let’s see which are the most underrated places on earth and why.

10. Antigua

Relying on tourism the Antigua island, is one of the luxury Caribbean hot spots, where you definitely have to go.

With a large amount of tourist attractions, this is the perfect place for those travelers who like secluded and underrated spots, for privacy and luxury treatments.

Being a legal haven for online gambling the place is the perfect location for the next online gambling site start-up, not to mention that some of the rich consider this particular place also a perfect location for normal gambling.

Underrated when it comes to casinos and tucked away beaches, the island is also home to many international celebrities like Oprah, Silvio Berlusconi or Giorgio Armani.

#10 Antigua | Underrated Destinations | Image Source: wallpapers111.com
#10 Antigua | Underrated Destinations | Image Source: wallpapers111.com
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