10 Unique First Date Ideas | Relationship Advice

3 July 2014

10 Unique First Date Ideas | Relationship Advice

Do you want to go out on a date but not sure where to go?

That’s why we are here, to give 10 inspired and unique first date ideas. Forget about the usual dinner and a movie, that is so last century. Use your imagination and your excitement to spend time with the person you like, and think of something fun, and unique.

And these ideas stand for a both guys, and girls, so keep reading gentlemen, you are inviting the girls out on a date after all, right?

First dates are usually a little awkward and a lot of pressure is put on both of the partners. Just imagine being out having dinner and not talking at all, because you don’t know each other. Awkward silence is the worst kind of silence, that’s why on a first date you need to do something more fun, that will engage you two into conversation.

We have 10 first date suggestions that are cute, relaxing, and one of a kind. I bet your date will be impressed!

1.Art = Love

You know that saying that without art the Earth means just eh?

Well it’s time to make and enjoy some art! We start our unique first date ideas with some artsy, fun things.

You must have some clay, crayons, or paint, right? If not, hit the store and buy them, because having an art-date can be one of the best ways to get to know somebody.

Just decide whether you are going to paint, build, draw, or simply do random things, order a pizza, put on a chilled music and make a great day (or night) out of it.

You will have loads of fun and the artsy thing that you created might be your first date souvenir.

10 Unique First Date Ideas

Show your date that you are a pet lover!

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