10 Most Beautiful Places In The World

13 January 2016

Benagil Sea Cave

We continue our list of breathtaking places that you didn’t know existed with a heavenly location – Benagil Sea Cave.

The wonderful Benagil Sea Cave is located in Portugal and it is a part of system of caves in the Algarve region.

The Algarve coastline is 150 km long and it’s filled with amazing and mysterious beaches and caves. The Benagil Sea Cave is probably the most amazing.

Also the Algarve region is the number 1 choice of many European tourist so you’ll have plenty of people to meet.

The Benagil Sea Cave with the whole Algarve region is Portugal’s most popular holiday destination.

Wonderful Places You Didn't Know Existed - Benagil Sea Cave
Wonderful Places You Didn’t Know Existed – Benagil Sea Cave

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