13 Reasons To Stay Home For The Holidays

4 December 2015

We live in a world so overwhelming, that most times, when the holidays are right around the corner we just want to run away from the busy city life, and go to a peaceful place to rest for a couple of days, only to find that getting ready for a trip is not as easy as it sounds, especially this time of year.

You have to take care of everything beginning with what you pack for the road, what you find when you arrive at your destination and what you leave back home.

By reading the following list you will, hopefully be prepared for what to expect out of your trip.

Here are the downsides of having to travel troughout the holidays.

1. Having to pack all of your things, knowing that you will only actually use very few of them.

Well of course you take all of your clothes with you (you obviously never know when you’re going to need them).

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2. Stuffing your bags with all of the presents that you bought, trying to make sure you that didn’t forget anything.

This would end up being a very awkward situation.

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3. The Holiday Traffic.

You deffinately aren’t the only one who can’t wait to leave, weather you choose to travel by plane or by car, your patience will surely be tested, you will have to wait in huge lines before being able to get on the move, almost wreking your holiday spirit.

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4. Finding a decent place to stay when all the good ones are already booked.

If you’ve just decided that you’re going away, you should have really thought this though more, your chaces of finding the right place to stay are lowering by the minute.

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5. Having to adapt to new living conditions.

You might not notice it, but the most comfortable you’ll ever feel is in your own home, surrounded by familiar things

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6. Having to learn how to get around.

Since you’re in an unknown place, you have to establish a few things, like what places are worth seeing, what restaurants serve the food you like, what is the quickest way of transportation.

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7. Thinking you’re going to a peaceful resort, not keeping in mind that it will, eventually, fill up with people.

You were looking to spend quality time alone with your thaughts? Not when most people leave the city to do the same thing you won’t.

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8. Missing out on your family and/or friends.

If you decide to leave for the holidays you will be faced with the problem of not being able to convince everybody to come with you. Because of many reasones, some people will be left out.

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9. Not being able to practise all the traditions you used to.

You can’t bake gingerbread in a hotel nor can you trim a tree there.

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10. Having to make a lot of phone calls to wish happy holidays to your close ones.

Since you are away from friends and family, it would be pretty silly of you not to call them and wish them well. This part is most annoying if you are faced with having to deal with a large number of people.

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 11. You don’t get to explore the corners of your own city you never got to see because it was too crowded or you were too busy working.

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12. The road back home is most depressing.

If you had a great time, you’re going to be sad it’s over. If you had a bad expericence, you’re dissapointed you didn’t stay home with all of your friends.

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13. Having to come back to your usual life.

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So you’ve had a wonderful time, now what? You’re back in the city, trying to re-adapt to your old schedule, when you cand only wish you weren’t here.