Top 15 Most Expensive Houses in UAE

27 June 2016

Are you looking for a heavenly place to live in UAE? We have fifteen most expensive houses for your options.

For centuries, men have been trying to perfect what they call house. Even cavemen started it all with their caves. In this modern era, it should come as no surprise that men have come up with these expensive houses.

Now, they are not just simply about providing shelter. But they have also become a showcase of masterpiece. Architecture and decoration have indeed turned into art.

What word goes along with art? Money. The more unique, exclusive, and grand a piece of art is, the more money you need to give away to own it.

Here are fifteen masterpieces of luxurious houses in United Arab Emirates. Spoiler alert, you will be seeing a lot of properties from Dubai.

15. Frond C Palm Jumeirah Villa ($12.2 million)

Top 15 Most Expensive Houses in UAE | 15. Frond C Palm Jumeirah Villa ($12.2 million)
Top 15 Most Expensive Houses in UAE | #15. Frond C Palm Jumeirah Villa ($12.2 million) | source: propertyonline.ae

Palm Jumeirah is one of the reasons why Dubai is famous. It is a man-made island. No, it is not a tiny island. This island is the home to hundreds of luxurious properties.

One of them is this villa with six bedrooms. With 13,000-square-feet of prime concept living space, this villa is perfect for a family. This place provides all the privacy you want for it has different entries that will separate you from the maids or drivers working in the house.

The best part of Palm Jumeirah houses is the access to ocean on either front or back yard. $12,251,565 seems to be a fair deal, doesn’t it?

A breathtaking view of the Dubai skyline completes this luxurious property. Imagine you and your spouse hanging out by the swimming pool and enjoying the wind blew from the sea while your children playing happily in the green friendly open space. Don’t you think it’s worth the millions?

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