Top 15 Most Expensive Religious Artifacts in the World

16 June 2016

How much are you willing to pay for religious artifacts? And how much do they actually cost?

Artifacts hold important meaning to the world whether it is cultural, historical, or religious. And even without any reference to any religion or belief, artifacts can be priceless. So, it should come as no surprise that religious artifacts can be costly.

From time to time, these artifacts have been discovered. Some were actually handmade but as time goes by, they have become preciously historical.

So, we gathered 15 artifacts with religious value for either ancient people or current society. Some of these may have forgery allegation. However, people’s acknowledgement towards them should be considered.

Some of these photographs of the artifacts may be disturbing to some viewers. So, viewer discretion is advised.

The estimated prices are either our rough calculation, exact amount paid for its possession, or the current bundled price. However, the prices may vary depending on someone’s belief in its worth. So, let’s start the countdown!

15. The Georgian Cross (Price: $3,000)

Top 15 Most Expensive Religious Artifacts in the World | #15. The Georgian Cross (Estimated Price: $3,000)
Top 15 Most Expensive Religious Artifacts in the World | #15. The Georgian Cross (Price: $3,000) | source: karibche.ambebi.ge

The Georgian Cross, also known as The Grapevine Cross, is believed to be handmade by the Virgin Mary. Then, she handed the cross over to Saint Nino, a Cappadocian preacher in Iberia.

Saint Nino protected the cross by entwining it with her own hair. In 4th century AD, she brought the cross to Georgia. That was when Christian became the official religion of Iberian kingdom.

In the year of 541, the grapevine cross was first kept at Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia. It traveled from Armenia to Russia during invasion period until it was returned to Georgia in 1802 by Russian tsar Alexander I.

Now, the cross is preserved in Sioni Cathedral in Tbilisi, Georgia. It has never been traded with money. However, according to experts, this cross is worth at least $3,000.

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