What You Did Not Know about X-Men Apocalypse Movie

18 July 2016

You may have watched X-Men Apocalypse. But did you get the chance to notice these?

Earlier this year, our eyes and ears were pampered by X-Men Apocalypse movie on theater screens. Perhaps, some of you even enjoyed the emotional ride and shed some tears, thanks to Magneto’s plot. The movie does present a personal point of view of its main characters, especially the bromance between Charles and Erik. You might have been so carried away that you did not notice these facts within the movie.

In spite of its plot holes, inconsistency, and some other reasons which sent movie fans in disappointment, this latest movie from the franchise has been considerably successful.

From ancient tombstone to antique cars, we have picked up these facts about luxury in the movie. Plus, we also take a sneak peek into the blockbuster business through the movie makers’ wallet.

Spoiler alert for those who have not watched it but are planning to (uh, really?). Here we go!

15. Apocalypse’s Pyramid is a Very Expensive Tombstone

15 Facts about Luxury in X-Men: Apocalypse Movie | #15. Apocalypse's Pyramid is a Very Expensive Tombstone
15 Facts about Luxury in X-Men Apocalypse Movie | #15. Apocalypse’s Pyramid is a Very Expensive Tombstone | source: photobucket.com

In the beginning of the movie, we were taken centuries back to where the Pyramid was constructed. It turns out that there were no spaceship, no giant crane, and no slaves. It was simply a work of one powerful mutant.

No, it is not what happened in real life (or is it?). But yes, the pyramid is real. The Great Pyramid of Giza was constructed 4,500 years ago. It is architecturally so remarkable that some people believe it involved some mystical or alien work.

Even with today’s technology, building a pyramid will take a lot of efforts in both time and financial. Just picture this, it is 481 feet high and 756 feet long on each side. It consists of approximately 2.3 million stones (each 3 tons weigh).

To replicate what Apocalypse created with his own bare hand, experts estimated $5 billion for the construction only. That is a hell of tombstone.

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