15 Moments You Experience When You’re RICH

21 December 2019

Perks of Being Rich, here Are 15 Moments You Experience When You’re RICH!


Hello Aluxers, it’s always great to have you back with us, especially today when we’re pulling the curtains to show some of what’s going on in the life of the rich.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a much better understanding of what financial stability is like and how rich people are navigating their daily lives. We’ll present a series of moments and events that the average person doesn’t get to experience, but maybe they should.. As you know, sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.


If you’re one of those Aluxers who would rather watch visuals over text, here’s the whole article covered for you in the form of a video:

With that checked out, here are 15 moments you experience when you’re rich! 


You No Longer Keep Tabs On The Money People Owe You

You know how you are constantly aware of how much money people owe you? Well, rich people don’t know, because frankly, the lack of that particular amount isn’t life altering.

Rich people just assume you’re a decent person and that whatever debt there is it will be repaid if it hasn’t already. Nobody wants to be surrounded by leeches, but figuring out who they are can be quite difficult, so this is a rather simple way of figuring out who’s who. The cost of riding yourself of freeloaders is worth it.

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You No Longer Drive, Unless It’s For Pleasure

We are all part of the general traffic, but while you’re getting frustrated with your foot on the gas barely moving a couple of inches per minute, the rich in the back on their phones and laptops getting work done. 

Chauffeuring is something quite common, because it frees up time for transit. This is the same reason why the rich take helicopter rides to the airport and then fly private.

The only reason you should drive is if it is for personal pleasure.


Going To Events Feels More Like Work Than a Night Out

You know how normal people complain that they don’t go out enough, or they never go to fancy events? There’s a dark side to these as well. Women are mean, men are boring, the food starts to taste the same and everyone wants money from you.

These events are meant for networking, to make small talk with other rich people while gossiping about who did what with who.

Some nights you don’t feel like socializing, but it becomes this weird thing where you have to show up and put on a smile so everybody thinks you’re doing incredible.

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You Care More About The View From a Property Than The Price

If you’re buying for yourself and not as another cashflow investment, priorities shift. You can always buy more space, but you can’t always buy a better view.

Normal people judge a property price by square foot or square meter, but fail to take into account the view from the entire apartment, if it has a terrace, if you’re getting the sunset or sunrise when you look out the window.

If you’re gonna live in a place, you’ll look out the window daily, so it might be smart to remember this for the next time you move.


You’re Glad You’re Going into More Debt

We remember when a friend took us out for drinks to celebrate. When asked what we were celebrating, he said: “Going 5M dollars in debt!” and we all cheered to it.

He just secured bank financing on a property development deal that when finished will make him millions.

This is the total opposite of everyone living a normal life because most people actually struggle to get out of debt and not trying to get in more of it.

Numerous times the community has reached out with questions about how to get out of debt and it always depends on the person.

Our go to recommendation is to pick up  by Dave Ramsey and go through it 2 or 3 times until you really grasp the gist of it and then put it into practice. Even better, because you’re already in debt and we don’t want you to spend money you don’t have, if you go to alux.com/freebook and sign up, you will get the audiobook version for free, thanks to our friends at Audible. That’s alux.com/freebook and look for the total money makeover.


You No Longer Look At The Price In Menus

We grew up poor and this has always been an issue on the once a year occasion when we used to go out. There were entire pages in menus we would never look at. Now, the reality is quite different. Duck? Sure! Lobster? Yes please! Matter of fact, tasting menus with 5 to 8 different kinds of food have become a Go-To when it comes to testing a new cuisine or restaurant.

And of course you choose to pair each dish with a different drink for a greater overall experience.

The last thing, when the bill comes you just hand over the credit card, no arguing and pulling out the calculator of who had what and who had an extra piece of desert.. 

Resource: 15 Rules That Make You Rich & Life Easier


A Quick Get-Away Can Be On The Other Side On The World

What do you do when the weather is bad in your city during the weekend? Most people grab their comfy hoodie and chill in bed binging netflix and ordering in.  


Here’s a snippet of a conversation we overhear at lunch:

There’s nothing happening this weekend and the weather is shitty, wondering what Spain is like, or maybe portugal!” by the time the desert came, they had already bought the tickets and we’re booking an airbnb.


People In Hotels Put Up a Family Photo In Your Room

This is one of those things you experience if you frequent 5 star hotels. When you book a room, they do research into who you are, what you like and what your preferences are.

They do it so your experience is quite custom. It’s not often that your room is already prepared for you with personal touches, like a frame with your family, your favorite bottle of wine or a particular desert you mentioned you loved last time you visited.


People In Restaurants Address You By Your Name 

The same thing happens in the restaurant. If it’s one of the high end places, both the chef and the waiters will be informed of your arrival and will make sure to welcome you by name.

They also print your name on the menu with their recommendations based on what they think you will enjoy most.


You Pay Ridiculous Amounts Of Money For Education

A decent life coach charges around 1000 dollars per session and requires you to book multiple ones. Just to give you an example, for an 18 session package with a Tony Robbins accredited coach, not with tony himself, be ready to part with 15.000 dollars.

Rich people pay ridiculous amounts of money every time they try to acquire a new skill or seek some guidance. You might think that it costs that much because they get access to the best of the best, but that is rarely the case. This business runs on recommendations and some coaches choose to focus exclusively on the wealthy. 

Even for an introductory meeting and session you would still be billed hundreds of dollars.

That’s why we decided to tackle this industry head on. We spend an entire year building our first premium product, Mind Mastery, a 21 day meditation program designed to not only teach you how to install this super valuable skill in your life, but also provide the guidance offered by the highest paid performance coaches and less than what would cost an introductory session with these people.

It’s like a select club for high performing Aluxers, that’s why we open the doors only 3 times per year. We don’t play any games. You can get on that waiting list by going to alux.com/meditation and we’ll let you know when it becomes available again.


You Travel To a Different Country Because You Crave a Particular Food 

I know this sounds crazy, especially since these days you can find almost every kind of food everywhere, but there’s something to eating paella in Barcelona, an Italian meal at Osteria Francescana in Modena, a steak at Don Julio in argentina, waffles in Brussels or sushi at Sukiyabashi Jiro in Tokyo Japan-.. For some people, it’s enough to justify a quick trip.

It’s no longer food, it’s more of a culinary experience!


Groceries, Cleaning or Bills Get Taken Care of

Imagine never having to bother with these again. Your fridge is constantly full with fresh produce, home is constantly sparkling clean and all your bills get automatically taken care of.. You don’t even know how much you pay for utilities per month..

It’s always a shock for rich people when they lose everything and have to go back to living normal lives, just how expensive it is to keep things running for a normal household, but let’s not bring that negative energy into our zone ok?


Other People Plan, Pack and Organize Your Life For You

This is one of those things where rich people buy time, by delegating others to do the work for them. Unless you did it yourself, you have no idea just how crazy it is to plan a wedding, how much work goes into fully designing a house or planning a detailed trip.

They have people who take care of the boring things for them and although there’s always the possibility of going off the beaten path, the advisor is almost always right.


You Have One Person Who Takes Care of Your Problems

This is usually the family lawyer or head of security; someone from your inner circle,. It’s the person you call when you screwed up. There are many situations where people want to take advantage of the privileged position you find yourself in for personal gain or profit. 

If it’s a legal matter, the lawyers make sure the situation is clear and you can walk away with the minimum legal penalty while in cases of blackmail or scandals it’s usually more of a grey area.

Speaking of:


 You Will Be Misrepresented By The Media For Clicks

There’s nothing like seeing your face in the paper – or for those of us not living in the 19th century – on a gossipy-site, with your words taken out of context with a crazy click-bait title.

This happens ALL THE TIME! News has devolved into only headlines and publications are struggling to keep their businesses alive with more and more people getting their news directly from other people via social networks. So they resort to scandal, to controversy, to down right lying and then apologizing for not looking into the situation further before breaking the story.

Some of these are not exclusive to the super rich, so we’re curious: What is the craziest rich person moment you’ve ever lived? Let us know in the comments and we’ll be sure to show some love to the most interesting of stories!