What is the World’s Most Powerful Religion?

12 July 2016

For decades, humans have been raised by the norms and values they believe. 15 of those beliefs are on the top of the most powerful religions list.

A religion is the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods. The most powerful religions are those successful in making people live with the embodiments of their disciplines.

Even though science has been developing what may seem to be a better understanding of how the universe works, these fifteen religions remain strong among their adherents.

Regardless the controversy among the agnostics or even among the adherents themselves, the history behind each religion is still fascinating. Millions of people study them from time to time, whether it is to explore their own religion or to appreciate this incredible anthropological phenomenon.

From all across the world, we picked out fifteen most powerful religions based on the estimated number of their adherents. Take a look!

15. Tenrikyo (2 million adherents)

15 Most Powerful Religions in the World | 15. Tenrikyo (2 million adherents)
15 Most Powerful Religions in the World | #15. Tenrikyo (2 million adherents) | source: tenrikyo.or.jp

Nakayama Miki, a Japanese woman, brought this religion to the world in the 1838. She was possessed by the God of Tenrikyo, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto. The God demanded her to be given as a shrine.

In 1854, she started to recruit followers. One of her first was Izo Iburi who carried out the religion’s values. In the beginning, Tenrikyo was a part of other religions, Shinto and Buddhism.

Basically, Tenrikyo teaches its followers to have a joyous life. The body we live in is borrowed but the mind is ours. And sins are mental dusts which we can shake off.

Tenrikyo’s followers believe in reincarnation. They perform prayers in Tenrikyo churches through their sacred songs. They also believe that the universe is the body of their God, Tenri-O-no-Mikoto.

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