15 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Millionaire

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Will it be a dream come true to date a millionaire? We have 15 reasons to make you think otherwise.

Finding Mr. or Ms. Right is a dream comes true for most people. And when they come with extra baggage, such as being a millionaire, it can be a fairytale life. Or is it the other way around?

In the previous article, we discuss about reasons not to marry a hot guy. Add those 10 reasons to these 15 we have if that hot guy is also a millionaire.

You may think that as long as you two love each other, everything will be okay. You may also believe that all you have to do is not to listen to what other people have to say. But where do you think your millionaire lover gets his wealth from?

Let’s face the fact: as a millionaire in business, he must care about what other people have to say. That is just the tip of the iceberg. Find out other reasons why dating a millionaire may be a bad idea.

15. Society will see you as a gold-digger

15 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Millionaire | 15. Society will see you as a gold-digger
15 Reasons Why You Should Not Date a Millionaire | #15. Society will see you as a gold-digger | source: joanncohen.com

Earlier, we mentioned about the fact that you cannot just simply put people’s opinions aside. Money doesn’t come from the sky. A millionaire works hard to achieve what he has.

Even though he inherits the wealth from his family, he still has work to do in order to maintain the business. Although splurging may not be a big deal to him, losing money is definitely the last thing he wants to do.

When you date a millionaire, no matter what your true intention is, people will see you as a gold-digger. He will pay for everything, shower you with gifts, and take you to places you can never afford by yourself.

Worst case scenario is if you are a man and you date a millionaire woman. It is common within the society that a man takes care of his woman, including her financial needs. When she makes millions of dollars, you are practically doomed.

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