What the hell happened in 2016?

6 February 2017

One month has gone into the new year of 2017. Do you still think 2016 was the worst year ever?

Bad news after bad news hit us in 2016. And some were somewhat unbelievable. We have moved on to the 2017, yet most people still can’t shake the last worst year off.

Even though some good things actually happened last year, they seemed unable to soften the blow. Or perhaps those good things were not blown up enough in social media or news on TV. Regardless, these unfortunate events have become some of the reasons why 2016 was such a disappointment for most people.

You were probably there sitting in front of your TV or scrolling through your social media accounts to find out more about these events. The sad thing is, at this point, you have probably forgotten some of these as well.

Well, let’s refresh your memory and take a look at these fifteen unfortunate events took place in 2016. Hopefully from this point forward, these will never happen. Again.

15. Zika Virus Outbreak

15 Reasons Why People Think 2016 was the Worst Year | #15. Zika Virus Outbreak
15 Reasons Why People Think 2016 was the Worst Year | #15. Zika Virus Outbreak | source: independent.co.uk

On January 23rd, there was a virus outbreak in Brazil. More than 1.5 million were infected. And this prompted other countries like Colombia and Jamaica to recommend women to delay pregnancies for up to two years ahead. Then, a week later, WHO declared a global public health emergency because of this virus.

It is called the Zika virus. Spread through mosquito bites, it is originally from Zika forest in Uganda back in 1947. It has similar symptoms with dengue fever. To date, it has not caused any reported death during initial infection. But it may cause brain malformations to unborn babies if the mother is infected.

There was a major concern about the Olympic hosted in Rio. But there were no major cases reported worldwide regarding this virus.

Then fortunately, by November last year, WHO declared that it is no longer a global emergency. But Zika remains present and it is still a highly significant and long-term problem.

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