Is Now 3 Years Old

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Hi everyone and thank you for reading this! just turned 3 today! It’s pretty hard to wrap my head around just how fast time has passed and how far we have come together!

We started this with one goal in mind: to bring together, people from all around the world that are passionate about Luxury & Fine Living!

I am pleased to say, that in the last 36 months, although we have evolved, we never changed our vision for what this project can and will be!

Just like a baby, we learned a ton and it took us a while find our pace in all the noise around us. It was hard, we made mistakes, we learned from them, adapted and grew.

I don’t know how many of you remember what the first version of looked like and we can proudly say, we are pretty pleased of how things shaped up.

We’re 3 now and there are a ton of new exciting things we’re doing and improving on; it’s a continuous process and I’m happy to let you know we’re not stopping any time soon.

So much has happened so far that we couldn’t possibly fit it into one infographic, so we had to settle for the following one:

Alux com 3rd anniversary infographic luxury website growth community audience

It’s been an incredible journey, with a lot of miles ahead of us still! We’re happy you chose to travel this road with us!

Happy anniversary to every Aluxer out there!

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