4 Ways Your Wedding Ring Can Reveal Your True Spirit

3 March 2016

When it comes to style, every woman has a different idea of what fits her best. With the popularity today of vintage fashions from multiple 20th century decades, modern women have countless opportunities to show off their unique tastes without fear of ridicule.

In addition to clothing, hair styles, and even home décor, jewelry in a wide array of designs is now more fashionable than ever.

And while the solitaire diamond engagement ring remains a popular, classic choice, many women are showing off their more unique personality traits and preferences with designer wedding rings.

See if any of the following creative wedding band ideas fits your individual style.

Some wedding rings feature a dash of color

Even if you choose to wear a diamond engagement ring, your wedding ring doesn’t have to be plain or limited to diamond settings. Many women choose to embellish their wedding rings with precious stones in a variety of colors.

A wedding ring with alternating diamonds and colorful gemstones in a pave setting will give off a rich sparkle and look striking with or without a diamond engagement ring beside it. Another option is a three-stone wedding band containing brightly colored gems or different colored diamonds.

You aren’t limited to gemstones when considering color options either. You can also find wedding rings made of multiple different metals.

Rare metals, such as platinum and tungsten, can be put together to make remarkable color combinations, or you can find gorgeous rings made of yellow, white and rose gold.

Some wedding rings come in beautifully ornate shapes

Aside from the fact that your wedding ring ultimately has to wrap around your finger, there are no rules as to the shapes the metal is molded into.

You’ll find wedding rings shaped like intertwining leaves, wedding rings that form loops or hearts, wedding rings in kissing claw arrangements, and wedding rings crafted into stunning configurations that defy description.

Art deco rings, whether vintage or modern, often feature arrangements of geometric shapes, while art nouveau rings are likely to incorporate intricate patterns inspired by nature. A filigree ring will look as if it’s been woven by fairies from fine, delicate strands of metal. You’ll also find wedding rings inspired by classic Celtic designs.

While the Claddagh ring, which features two hands grasping a crowned, central heart, is probably the most commonly known Celtic design, many exquisite rings adorned with Celtic knots, Celtic crosses and other archetypal Celtic imagery are also available.

Some wedding rings have a wood inlay

Moving away from classic diamonds and gemstones, you may prefer to decorate your wedding ring with a band of wood or other natural material.

For some, the organic beauty of wood, sea glass, coral, dried flower petals and other natural materials in a wedding ring or wedding ring set has special significance. For others, it is simply a desire to grace a loving union with elements of our precious Earth. Either way, adding a wood or natural inlay to your wedding ring tells a story that you’ll be happy to tell for a lifetime.

Some wedding rings represent favorite stories

For fans of specific books, movies, television series, video games or other fictional worlds, you’ll find plenty of designer wedding rings to put a smile on your face.

Whether you prefer a ring with a favorite quote engraved in it or something more blatantly representative (try a Google search for TARDIS or Star Wars wedding rings), you’re bound to find someone who’s created  (or who’s willing to create) the one ring that speaks to your heart.

There are many creative options for the  woman who wishes to celebrate her distinctive spirit with her choice of wedding band.

The combination of a diamond engagement ring and a designer wedding ring can represent a balance between respect for tradition on one hand and evolution into an extraordinary woman and wife on the other.

For women who wish to make a different statement, countless beautiful and unusual engagement rings and matching sets are available as well.

Your imagination is the limit, so show the world a glimpse of the incomparable woman within by choosing a wedding ring that could only belong to you.