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19 June 2014

2.Yoga Studio

If you are a yoga fan, Yoga Studio is not only one of the best apps for vacation, but for regular working days, as well.

Whether you are in a nature retreat, or just at home, this app allows you to download 65 live-action yoga classes.

The classes range from 10 to 60 minutes and they’re perfect for both beginners, and experts.

To know which classes you completed and which you didn’t, the app keeps a schedule of all your activity.

Yoga Studio has over 280 yoga poses, with all the instructions you need and you can even create you own classes or customize them, depending on your needs.

So, what do say, would you try this app?

“This app makes a massive difference to my performance, recovery and metal stability. I cant go a week without cramming in a few classes.”

Price: $3.99

5 Best Apps For Holidays - Yoga Studio
5 Best Apps For Holidays – Yoga Studio

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