5 Expensive Yachts You Can’t Afford

26 June 2013

You’re on holiday.
You want to have a trip over the sea. What would you use for this trip to travel? Well, a yacht is the best choice, if you have the money.  So, we all know that a yacht is a recreation ship or boat but with more style.

Here we have some modern and expensive yachts.

     Pelorus – $300 million  

5 Expensive Yachts You Can't Afford Yacht_Pelorus_in_Croatia_-_02

Pelorus is an expensive yacht and David Geffen is the owner of the world’s nineteen largest luxury yacht.  The huge size of Pelorus      made it possible to include two swimming pools and the vast sea-level platform. Terence Disdale, who created a beach house atmosphere using natural materials, made the interior design. The yacht is provided with two helicopter pads and large doors in the hull side open. Pelorus was estimated for $300 million.


     A – $323 million  

5 Expensive Yachts You Can't Afford A_(ship)_at_Sorrent_2012_3

Phillippe Starck and Martin Francis designed the luxury yacht, but it was constructed by Blohm and Voss (Germany).  It has a simple design but also airy and sophisticated with most innovative features.  The interior is a modern an masterfully designed, excellent use of space and wood furnishings with numerous other details such as the glass roof, looking up into one of the swimming pools. Is a modern, unique and expensive yacht that offers you almost everything you need for a great trip.


Dubai – $350 million 

5 Expensive Yachts You Can't Afford

5 Expensive Yachts You Can’t Afford

The yacht is currently owned by SheikhMohammed in Rashid Al Maktoum and is the third largest yacht in the world.  The two German companies who built it are: Blohm Voss and Lürsen. The Dubai yacht has a luxurious interior design with intricately detailed handmade mosaics and fine fabrics. This yacht offers you a large social area, guest suites and a crew area, swimming pool, sunbathing areas and several Jacuzzis.  Is one of the most expensive and modern yachts in the world and is worth the money !

  Azzam – $592 million

5 Expensive Yachts You Can't Afford azzam-worlds-largest-yacht_2 Azzam is a private yacht built by Lürsen, it was designed by Nauta Yachts and constructed in Bremen. The interior offers a 29ft salon and an open-plan interior. Cristophe Leoni created a sophisticated and yet timeless interior. Azzam is described as the most challenging and complex yacht ever built.


    Eclipse  – $1,5 billion 

5 Expensive Yachts You Can't Afford MYEclipse-Frederikshavn-Denmark

Eclipse is the yacht owned by Roman Abramovich constructed by Blosh and Voss in Germany. Eclipse is the world’s second largest private yacht. Terence Disdale designed the interior and exterior. The yacht is provided with 24 guest cabins, two large swimming pools, a disco hall and two helicopter pads. At beginning the yacht’s cost has been estimated at $475 millions, but after a rapport indicated that costs approach $1.12 billion. Well, after another rapport the final cost has been reported to be as high as $1,500.000.000.

Do you think it’s expensive? Haha, think twice!