5 Garments Every Guy Should Own 2013 | Men Style

19 June 2013

5 Garments Every Guy Should Own man wearing green tie and a white shirt

Most men are not aware of just how much personal image matters.

I’ve seen guys get dozens of girls simply because they had some guts but they would always wear amazing clothes. And they weren’t the smartest men I’ve ever met. Not by a long shot.

I’ve seen men rise to the top simply because they would walked, talked and dressed just like the successful people they admired so much.

Fashion just works, so why not take advantage of it? Things are simple just as long as you follow the right advice.

5 Garments Every Guy Should Own

The Internet is full of second class information… and it’s no wonder most men still dress like boys. So, if you’re ready to dress like a mature human being, I’ll help you side-step all the mistakes newbies make by giving you the best of the best style tips out there.

First thing’s first. You’ll need at least 2-3 shirts and 2-3 pairs of pants. All tailored to your body, of course.


The pants should be as simple as possible, made of quality cotton and should have as few pockets as possible. No cargo pants, please, unless you’re getting ready for a fishing trip. Go for chinos, khakis and

As far as shirts are concerned, always go business class. You’ve seen the trends for shirts in a previous article. You should have at least a white shirt and maybe one or two in stripes or checks. For summer I recommend linen shirts, which, due to their casual nature, they’ll show everyone you know how to dress according to the season.

And if you’re bored with traditional shirts, how about one made of denim? It will keep you warm during colder seasons as well as make you stand out from the crowd in a way so subtle, that only women will notice.

5 Garments Every Guy Should Own man with a dark grey sports jacekt and white shir

Ok, let’s move on to sports jackets. Some call them blazers but that’s not really important. What is important is that this fashion item alone can turn around an entire outfit, from generic to super-hot.

Sports jackets are very flexible. You can wear them with shirts, t-shirt, Henley shirts and polo shirts. But if you really want the end result to be an eye-catching outfit, you need to do some basic color matching. How about adding a pocket square that matches the t-shirt underneath your blazer?

Now, the pocket squares are a really awesome accessories to wear. They’re trendy, classy and they don’t stand out that much (in case you don’t really want to be the center of attention).

But if you do want a lot of attention (you’re probably familiar with the concept of peacocking, right?), you can just opt for a pocket square in more

The secret to pocket squares (that very few men know) is they can be worn not just with suits, but also with sports jackets, waistcoats and overcoats… as long as they have a front pocket.

Ok, so far we talked about 4 of the 5 fashion items that any man should have in his wardrobe: shirts, chinos, sports jackets and pocket squares.

Since the limit is 5, I won’t talk about ties, scarves, belts or down vests. These are all fantastic but right now I want to focus on shoes. And not just any shoes; the black leather brogues.

This type of shoe should be the first to buy if you’re just starting out. You can wear it on all occasions, with jeans, chinos, shirts, sports jackets. Some men even started wearing them with tailored shorts and invisible socks.

Matching dress shoes is easy. A black pair, such as the one I recommended, should be worn only with a black leather belt and a black leather wallet. All accessories must be coordinated for a stylish look. Similarly, if you opted for a brown pair of shoes, you would wear a brown belt and a brown wallet. Easy, right?

If edgy looks are not for you, just remember to keep things simple. Less is always more when it comes to style. Stick to 3 colors tops, a maximum of 2 patterns and one, maybe two accessories.


Good luck!