5 Ways To Make Your Outdoor Patio More Luxurious

27 November 2016

Having a patio at home is a true blessing; all those afternoons watching the sun go down while lying down on your chaise lounge with a drink or reading that book you only pick up every couple weeks while hoping that Monday isn’t actually just around the corner so you still have enough time to invite some friends and family over to enjoy yet another delicious BBQ by the side of the pool. It all sounds amazing right? And the best part? Whoever comes to visit is always asking how you keep it so nice and fancy; Well, here are five ways to make your patio a luxurious stylish setting!
Turn the lights on!
The way you light up your patio can be extremely decisive, from making it look like a cosy little space where you like to relax, to a massive back area where a party is always in the making. The types of light you use can define how guests perceive the space they’re in. Depending on the size and color theme you have set up, you can choose between fireplaces, chandeliers, or table lamps. The possibilities are endless.

It’s worth it to always remember what the light does to a place: it sets the mood. Blue lights make the place look somehow colder, but can also bring that elegant ambience for cocktail parties. Yellow or warm toned lights can set up a cosy mood for a friendly gathering on a summer night. There’s always luxury within every light source, you just have to find the right one for the setting.
Choose your furniture wisely
This can be one of the trickiest ones but also the joker under your sleeve. Having well designed furniture can do wonders for a space regardless the size, and even in some cases regardless the lighting too. It is always important to keep in mind the palette you want to work with. For example, adding a Chaise lounge from any high end brand will always be the right choice for those that seek elegance with an eco-friendly design and touches of vintage or retro styles.
Get some Pots and Planters
Pots are always an excellent addition to any space, but they can make or break the setting you have if chosen wrong. Terracotta tones are never out of style, placing them around resting areas or lounges can bring a lot to the mood you want to portray. Just make sure you always get frost-proof good quality ones, otherwise you’ll have to replace them all rather soon and all your luxury and effort will be nothing more than a nice nostalgic memory. (Extra tip: try to maintain a balance among the sizes of all the objects in the setting)
Let there be floor!
Also a huge and extremely important element to have the luxury breathing out of your patio. Depending on the lighting you have and the furniture you want, the flooring will always be what decides whether it’s all a match or if you’d be better starting from scratch. Flooring can make or break the deal. Using the right tiles or patterns can add the most luxurious touch to your patio and enhance the shapes and colors of the elements on it. Large format tiles with smooth pastel patterns, can sharpen the details of your furniture. Small contrasted tiles can set more of a relaxed mood. The material can also dictate the direction your patio goes: Porcelain mosaic tile patterns can bring all the elegance in the world, bringing a frivolous artistic touch that can lighten the contrast and at the same time highlight the luxury in your setting.  
Water, water, water…and accessories
There are few things that can be more relaxing and elegant than having a pool or a fountain in your patio. Water brings life to the setting, it’s always in movement and acts as the lungs and heart of your patio. If you have a small patio, small fountains can always be the outlet to the contrast in the setting, bringing peace with the soothing sound of water running down its surface. Its appearance has to match well with the furniture and lighting you have set up. As luxurious as a Bernini styled fountain can be, it will never look aesthetically pleasing if don’t have the proper furniture to match with. On the other hand, if you have a big area, a pool is always in order, only never forgetting to have the proper flooring that matches or suits the floor outside of the pool along with the furniture and pots you have. (Extra tip: with water sometimes a very simple and minimal look for fountains or pools is just perfect when given the right setting)

Making your patio the luxurious space you’ve always wanted doesn’t have to be a headache, and can be an amazing project instead. You can always follow your instincts and with some guidance you can give your patio the direction you dreamed of. Keep in mind how it all plays an important role in the patio the way every instrument has its part in a symphony. When everything plays in harmony the luxury will just come out with a little push. Do you know any other ways to make your patio luxurious? Leave a comment below and let us know if you have any questions or doubts.