5 World’s Most Exclusive Shops

13 March 2014

5 World’s Most Exclusive Shops

When it comes to shopping, we all do it, and everyone is looking for the best thing on the market.

So with this idea in my head I decided to present you today the 5 world’s most exclusive shops.

Everyone likes a little retail therapy every now and then. A bit of materialism never did anyone any harm.

Whether you want to browse or just spend big, these exclusive shops are every shopper’s paradise, offering everything a discerning buyer could possibly want.

So let’s move on and see which are the perfect places where you can drain your credit cards in. We present you 5 World’s Most Exclusive Shops!

5. Loewe, Barcelona

An exclusive shop that aims at leading the sector of luxury leather goods with a brand image that is responsible both socially and environmentally.

The vibrant and cosmopolitan Catalan capital is brimming with architectural gems, the shop sits, where else, in a gorgeous modernist building designed by Art Nouveau master Lluís Domènech IMontaner, on the elegant Passeig de Gracia.

What once was the Official Supplier to the Spanish Royal Crown, now has become a national treasure, and most certainly the  most prestigious fashion house in the country.

Official Website: Loewe

5 World’s Most Exclusive Shops

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