Here’s How Much You Need to Pay for a Date with Ivanka Trump!

13 December 2016

Would You Spend $50,000 for a Date with Ivanka Trump?

Do you have  $50,000 for a Date with Ivanka Trump? Would people pay for a moment with the future First Daughter of America?

If you have everything you wish for and a date with her is what’s missing from your life I’d understand, but what other reason would you have?

You could donate that money to a charity of your choice; that’s what I consider a good deed. But to spend $50,000 for a date with her, and then she donates the money… that’s a different story.

Yes, I thought she will keep the money, but it seems I was wrong. I also believed that no one will bid, but it seems that so far, 16 people have bid on the Ivanka Trump Coffee Date auction. Strange, isn’t it?

But not very surprising if I consider her beauty, because after all, Ivanka is a beautiful woman, even her dad thinks so.

The auction website CharityBuzz is currently offering one lucky bidder the chance to “enjoy coffee with Ivanka Trump in NYC of DC” with proceeds going to her brother Eric Trump’s foundation to benefit St Jude’s Children Research Hospital.

Despite the “heat” her father, the President-elect Donald Trump causes, the highest bid currently stands at $17,500 (£13,800).

The description of the prize explains Ms Trump is executive vice president of the Trump Organisation and the president and CEO of the Ivanka Trump brand and co-founder, along with her brothers, of Trump hotels.

Would You Spend $50,000 for a Date with Ivanka Trump?
Would You Spend $50,000 for a Date with Ivanka Trump?

However, there are also some terms and conditions you must follow and pass in order to get that date. Some of those T&C c’s include the winner passing a criminal background check and being approved by the secret service (who will also be present throughout the entire meeting) and approval by the Trump Organization.

Travel and accommodations for the winner are not included but the arranged meeting will take place at Trump Tower in New York City or Trump’s new hotel in Washington D.C., “dependent on Ivanka’s schedule.”

“Winner and guest must pass criminal background check and be approved by the United States Secret Service and reserves the right to decline the winner on any grounds they deem fit.”

With 16 people already bidding on the coffee date, there are only 7 days you can still bid; the bid is already at $25,000.

“Enjoy coffee with Executive Vice President of The Trump Organization & President/CEO of the Ivanka Trump Brand, Ivanka Trump.

Would You Spend $50,000 for a Date with Ivanka Trump?
Would You Spend $50,000 for a Date with Ivanka Trump?

As Executive Vice President of Acquisitions and Development at the Trump Organization, Ivanka has led some of the company’s most high-profile deals, including the $200-million conversion of the historic Old Post Office in Washington, DC into a luxury hotel and the $250-million renovation of the iconic Doral Golf Resort in Miami.

Together with her brothers Eric and Donald Jr., Ivanka founded Trump Hotels, the fastest-growing luxury hotel company in the world. Ivanka is the founder of the Ivanka Trump Collection, a lifestyle brand offering chic, solution-oriented product and IvankaTrump.com, the ultimate digital destination for women who work—at all aspects of their lives.”

Update: It seems like the auction from CharityBuzz has been deleted without any further comments. The moment when the auction reached almost $70,000 the website took it it down.