6 Best Movies Of 2015

5 February 2016

Here are some of the Best Movies Of 2015.

Even though they are already “last year” you might want to check your watchlist and make sure these best movies of 2015 are on it. Hint, most of them made the cut for the Oscar’s Nominees!

Whether they feature notorious actors like Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Matt Damon or they bring in fresh new-comers  like Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver and John Boyega these movies are sure to give you a wonderful experience!

We put together a list that combines film genres so that you are sure to find one that you will like, they will for sure unleash your imagination  and capture you in stories full of suspense.

6.Ex Machina

The first one from the list is Ex Machina.

Directed by Alex Garland it features  Alicia Vikander, Domhnall Gleeson, Oscar Isaac and was nominated for 2 Oscars, Best Achievement in Visual Effects and Best Writing, Original Screenplay.

If you want to take a walk on the more Scinece-Fiction side of cinematography this one made the list of best movies of 2015 as it is a great insight about the way that Artificial Intelligence would act and look if we were to completely use it in reality.

The movie, as you would expect has astonishing virtual effects that are sure to push you in the heart of the action, and keep you there with scenes that might make you feel like you’re tripping out of this world.

Ex Machina 6 Best Movies Of 2015 Countdown
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5.The Martian

Keeping on with the SF theme but getting more dramatic this time the next one on the best movies of 2015 list is The Martian.

It was directed by Ridley Scott and it’s main character is played by Matt Damon who even got a Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role Oscar Nomination.

Besides this one the movie was nominated for another 5 Oscars including Best Motion Picture of the Year.

Even though the main story line is tragic, an astronaut presumed to be dead gets left behind on Mars, while the rest of the crew returns to Earth the way that the main character narrates his adventures is so satirical it’s almost hilarious.

He tries always tries to keep his chin up and not panic, and his dark humor is definitely his most important asset.

6 Best Movies Of 2015 Countdown Stuck on Mars
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4.Star Wars : The Force Awakens

What better way to finish off the Fantasy theme than with everyone’s all-time favourite SF who was a must on the best movies of 2015 list, Star Wars.

You’d think that after George Lucas sold the franchise to Disney that would be the end of it, but no, this was deffinately a New Hope for the next to come.

Directed by J.J. Abrams who wellcomed on set the old trio Han, Luke and Leia played by Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher as well as a new trio Kylo Ren, Rey and Finn played by Adam Driver, Daisy Ridley and John Boyega.

The story is very mysterious as they bring up new characters that may or may not be related to the old ones. It seems as if the last of the Jedi, but as always, someone comes along and brings hope by having a high concentration of midichlorians in his body (aka feels the Force).

The movie raised a lot of questions that await to be answered in the next ones to come, that will hopefully be as successful as this one, as it has 5 Oscar Nominations.

6 Best Movies Of 2015 Countdown Star Wars Wallpaper
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The all-time favourite dramatic couple of director David O. RussellJennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (Remember them from American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook?) meet Robert De Niro.

The movie is over all a dramatic comedy that will leave you light headed as the story takes such unexpected turns you would have never expected them.

J Law, who was once again nominated for the Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role Oscar, plays the character named Joy, just like the movie title, and we get to watch her strictly and meticulously built world fall apart while she tries to take the grasp of it.

6 Best Movies Of 2015 Countdown
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Switching to the more drama-related side another hit on the best movies of 2015 list is Carol.

”Even tough there are many like it, this one is my own” is probably what director Todd Haynes told himself when he started this movie with a typical role for Cate Blanchett.

 Nevertheless, it did manage to grab 6 Oscar Nominations including the ones for Best Performance by an Actress in both Leading and Supporting Role ( Cate’s specialty since she already owns the both of them ).

The classical romantic drama story perfectly adapted resonate to us, and  the world we live in right now, to our generation, but exposed some decades ago, in the 1950s.

It is one of the most authentic representations of a relationship as it follows the love affair of a young aspiring photographer/shopgirl and a soon-to-be divorced housewife, with which it fantastically portrays all of the details of a somewhat taboo subject, lesbian love.

6 Best Movies Of 2015 Countdown
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1.The Revenant

We saved the best for last.

Directed by Alejandro G. Iñárritu it features Leo, Tom Hardy and Domhnall Gleeson, and was nominated for 12 Oscars ( Yeah, you read that right). It was obviously going to make the best movies of 2015 list.

Including Best Motion Picture of the Year, Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading and Supporting Role, Best Achievement in Directing and basically any other award you might think of.

It can be described as a dramatic thriller. 

Let’s just say this isn’t a movie for everyone.

It’s so rich, the action will keep you on your toes, the scenes (even the more gory ones are filled with passion), the overall way that it is filmed makes it extraodrinary.

The best yet is not even the story, it’s the main character’s evolution over time.

It’s the kind of movie that you think about for days and that gives you goose bumps the whole 3 hours you’re watch it.

Needless to say Leo Dicaprio made an incredible performance, that should definitely get him that Oscar.

6 Best Movies Of 2015 Countdown The Revenant Drama
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Wheter you want to want to relax and watch an easy  but clever comedy or you are in the mood for something deeper that will give your mind something to hang on to, as food for thought just pick a movie from the list and enjoy.

And if you are interested in finding more of what to watch here is another category for you: expensive movies starring Angelina Jolie.