7 Things everyone should do in Their Lifetime

19 January 2016

7 Things everyone should do in Their Lifetime

It’s a sort of “bucket list”, but without the sense of emergency, of an imminent death. You have a life ahead of you, waiting to be fully lived. But how can you do that?

I mean most of us want to fall in love and be loved, to have a family and true friends, and be appreciated for our skills and talents, but all these are in our genes, we are programmed to do so.

But beyond these basic stuffs, what should we do to live our lives to the fullest?

Here are the 7 things Alux thought about in order to inspire you to live your life intensely and making the most of it.

Do something that really scares you

What gives you chills only if you think about it? Speaking in public? Watching the Grand Canyon over the edge of a cliff? Driving a motorcycle? Or maybe your fears are hidden, buried inside under old wounds or lack of confidence, fear of failure or rejection. Whatever your deepest fears are, they’re holding back, so find out what they are and face them.

This does not mean you have to jump out of an airplane if you’re afraid of heights or to buy a tarantula as a pet if you have arachnophobia. Take it step by step. Take a public speaking course. Buy a motorcycle. Take a friend by the hand and watch the city down the balcony. When you face your fears, you gain your freedom and feel able to do anything you want in this life.

1. scared

Compete in a race or, even better, with yourself

Running the marathon involves much more than endurance and a good pair of sneakers. It means an attitude that says, “I haven’t reached my limits yet. I know I can go further.” You don’t know until you put your limits to the test.

Think about your current physical, mental and spiritual limitations. Then, think of a goal that seems insurmountable from any point of view, one that you really want to achieve it. It could be a marathon, a chess competition or a general knowledge contest. The real competition is with yourself. It means being today better, stronger and wiser than yesterday. It is a journey that will lead you to the undiscovered territories of your true potential and makes you enjoy life at a deeper level.

2. marathon

3. Make journeys, not trips

What is the difference between a “journey” and a “trip”? Your attitude. A trip is the shortest way to get from one place to another. Unlike the trip, the journey includes everything; the places, the roads, the people. It means to get in the car and set off on an unknown road, preferably in a foreign country where you don’t know anybody and your eyes must be wide open and you have to overcome the barriers of communication, eventually with a dictionary in your hands.

New landscapes, new tastes, new people, without a program, without a plan, just an old-fashioned journey meant to explore a new world.

3. journey

4. See the greatness of nature

You live in a beautiful world, just look at it to see its greatness. Make time to visit incredible places like the Great Coral Reefs in Australia, the Grand Canyon in northern Arizona, Victoria Falls in Africa or a 100 meter tall and 100 years old sequoia forest.

Pet a friendly manta ray, it’s like feeling breathing velvet; watch the stars through a telescope, a meteors shower or the sky dancing in colors when the Aurora Borealis occurs. No special effects made by computers can create such beauty. Make your own list of nature’s wonders to visit in this life. And don’t forget to share your experiences with others.

4. sequoia-trees

5. Volunteer for charity work

Yes, we know, volunteering is good for your resume, skill development, career opportunities… But do it for the right reason: to help people to really need help. And you don’t need to go to Africa…

In the Hindu caste system, some people are seen as “untouchable”. These individuals are damned as inferior from the womb to the grave. Although the caste system in India is illegal, members of the lower caste are still avoided, insulted and persecuted.

We have our own “untouchables”. Unqualified workers. Poor people. Old people. Unmarried mothers. Immigrants. Criminals. People with physical disabilities. People with a different skin color or a different religion – to name just a few. Consider to volunteer for them to open your mind and your heart.

5. charity

6. Know someone you admire

This is a hard one if you admire a movie star or a politician, even harder if that person died hundred years ago. But if you enter a library (or online), you can find everything you want to know to get inspired. Choose the biography of someone whose life you have admired from afar.

Even better, find ordinary people who overcome insurmountable obstacles or performed outstanding deeds – people whose daily life competes with the best novels. These are easy to meet if they are alive. Each biography or life story can be a life lesson you can apply in your life to be better and achieve more.

6 know someone

7. Visit a former battlefield

Visiting a former battlefield is a spiritual and emotional travel. Ground Zero in New York, Gettysburg, Wounded Knee, Pearl Harbor, a former concentration camp in Germany are all destinations that can help you make a better idea of ??never-ending battle between good and evil, love and hate, idealism and reality.

Once you arrive, stop a moment to compare the peace of the present moment to what it was in the thick of battle. Imagine people like you, with families, dreams and fears. Think about freedom, about sacrifice and about how lucky you are to enjoying these benefits. So live your life making the most of it. It is our duty to real heroes who died so we can choose how to live our lives.

7. gettysburg-battlefield