7 Things to Do If You Win the Lottery

16 January 2016

7 Things to Do If You Win the Lottery

Most of us dream of it but very little people have an actual plan about it, so we decided to give you guys a hand with 7 Things to Do If You Win The Lottery! What if you’ve had a windfall?

You’ve won a billion dollars in lottery! The pressure of dealing with these type of sudden increases in income make most people take irrational decisions that leave them broke after only a few years of continual spending!

I know what you’re saying: “if I win, I will play it safe, mostly invest a huge part of it and it wouldn’t change much my lifestyle”

If history teaches us anything is that people, without the proper game plan for this kind of event usually get back to the starting point usually in short term.

Now, you have many things to do. Some of them would be:

1. Do Nothing for Some Time

With a payout of 6 or 7 figures, you might be prompted to take major steps like making an exclusive purchase, make a major donation to a charity, or even invest a large sum in the stock exchange.

However, before taking an important economic decision, you need to take some time.

It is best not to spend over 10% of the total amount in the first year. Have fun, but in moderation.

Always remind yourself you’re planning for the long run and don’t want to many any mistakes that might put everything in danger.

do nothing 7 Things to Do If You Win the Lottery
7 Things to Do If You Win the Lottery | Do Nothing for Some Time

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