Here’s What You Need to Know for a Tourists’ Entry Visa into Cuba

23 July 2016


General Requirements for Tourists’ Entry into Cuba



Are you planning on entering Cuba for a business or pleasure related purpose? If so, there is no need to spend sleepless nights, wondering whether or not you will actually be allowed entry into the island nation. Cuba is one of the countries in the world with the least travel requirements alongside a welcoming attitude towards visitors. These requirements are quite reasonable and easy to meet. However, it's important to note that there are two categories of Cuba travel requirements i.e.;


Standard entry requirements.


Entry requirements that are specific to certain individual countries for instance US, Canada, Britain and Australia among others.


Since we are not in a position to tell your nationality, it means we can't discuss the second entry requirements category. So we are going to talk about the general requirements for every person who wishes to set foot on Cuban soil irrespective of their nationalities. For country specific travel provisions, be sure to check with the nearest Cuban embassy or consulate. Here is what you need to know;


Visa Requirements


Cuba offers several types of visas and the type of visa you need to apply for depends on the purpose of your journey and how long you wish to stay. There are many visa options for tourists as well as visitors in transit. For you to be granted a visa, you must submit your complete visa application form together with one visa photo, a copy of your return flight ticket, proof of payment of visa application fee, proof of health insurance, and a valid passport to the nearest Cuban consulate or embassy.

Traveling with Children


If you wish to go past the customs with your kid without getting basted, be sure to carry something that will prove to the customs officials that you are the actual parent or legal custodian of that child. The law requires parents and guardians to show proof of parentage or guardianship.

Traveling with Pets

It is unlawful to enter into Cuba with a pet without a pet passport, alongside proof of current rabies vaccination administered at least 30 days before entry. Also be sure to carry some form of identification showing that you are the owner of the pet. Non-compliance with these regulations will mean trouble at the port of entry. For instance, your pet may be denied entry, or placed in quarantine or returned to the country of origin all at your expense.


The law allows you to bring in all manner of personal effects, including sports equipment, jewelry, electronic gadgets and so on. Additionally, you may enter the country with not more than one carton of cigarettes, two bottles of liquor, and ten kilograms of medications so long as they are in the original packaging. Practically, you can freely bring in reasonable quantities of basic commodities as well as household supplies without you landing in trouble or the items being taxed.


NOTE: Cuba Departure Tax


Nowadays the departure tax is collected by the airline alongside the purchase of a ticket. So it is no longer necessary to pay the tax at the departure tax booths which are still installed at the Cuban airports, when departing.


We would like to believe that you were able to gain some valuable insights from this piece. Also, be sure to visit Cuba's official website for immigration or consult with the nearest Cuban embassy. That way, you will get the best out of your trip to the island nation in the Caribbean.