Airport Luggage: Travel In Style

23 May 2013

If, like me, you currently reside in a country that sees on average one day of sun per year, you are probably already planning numerous summer getaways to tropical alternatives. Many people choose comfortable clothes to wear in airports, and for good reason; airports are notoriously difficult places to be in.

They are buzzing with people running late, people who put away their passports at the bottom of their bag and spend fifteen minutes retrieving it at the front of the security-check queue, people trying to finish their water bottles at the front of the same queue, and large groups of youngsters on school trips running from shop to shop, spending all of their ‘holiday allowance’  before having set foot on the plane.

Thus, it is easy to see why people opt for the comfortable approach style-wise when in airports. However, this does not mean that one’s luggage cannot be stylish. The following are a few airport luggage ideas to set yourself apart from the masses and (hopefully) take some attention away from the fact that you are wearing sweatpants and a hooded jacket.

For weeklong trips: A suitcase is best avoided when travelling- eliminating any long waits at luggage carousels or the chance of your luggage being lost altogether. However, for longer trips where you need to carry a lot, a suitcase is a necessity. Go for a case with a tough shell, so that you have no need to worry about whether your valuable belongings are being thrown about inside. Here you have two options: a suitcase with a wheel system or one that has to be carried by hand. The Louis Vuitton Bisten case is a timeless piece with enough sturdiness to keep your belongings safe but enough slenderness to give you a sleek look. Pictured below is the Bisten 70, the largest size these cases come in. Bisten 70 Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas M21324


Long weekend trips are fairly easy to pack for. Men are known for packing light whilst our female counterparts seem to pack their entire wardrobes and more. Use this to your advantage – choose a nice holdall and keep its contents to a minimum so that your shoulder is not in pain, as you will no doubt be assigned the gentlemanly task of holding your spouse’s exceedingly full carry-on and you do not want to appear to be struggling.  Pictured below is the ‘Intrecciato leather holdall’ by Bottega Veneta. Its spacious interior gives plenty of room for a laptop and clothes, while the zip area provides for important bits and pieces such as boarding passes and the like. bottega veneta328497_mrp_e1_l


For day-trips where you might not be checking into a hotel, the holdall becomes impractical. Thus, the backpack should be used. Backpacks have become increasingly popular of late, with many designers realising this and creating their own versions. Therefore, there are an array of backpacks in shops to choose from. Leather is a very durable material but can make one uncomfortably hot when worn on the back for long periods of time. Givenchy have designed a perfect solution, a jersey material backpack with a leather front pouch (pictured below). This bag is effortlessly cool and is spacious enough to fit in all you might need on a long day out.givenchy


Finally, to complete any airport look, purchase a passport cover. Not only does this make your passport distinguishable from the many people departing from the same country as you all with the same coloured passport, these also serve to protect important documents and papers that you might need during your trip; car rental receipts, hotel room keys and so on. Airport style should always be comfort-first. A smart casual ensemble is most fitting for the flight. Go for a loose shirt with a jumper available for when the on-flight air conditioning kicks in and you don’t want to cover yourself with that ridiculously itchy blanket airline companies provide passengers with. Don’t forget your sunglasses so that when you step out of the arrivals gate you’re not squinting and appearing untravelled. Your luggage, however, does not have to be casual, and you should take this opportunity to purchase some good, durable pieces which you can use to transform your airport outfits.

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