Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

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Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

If you are not ready to embrace summer just yet and want a cold fresh getaway, we present you the Amazing Ice Hotel, in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.

Named IceHotel, the building is made entirely out of ice, including the reception and even the mattresses. What a way to redefine coolness in a whole different perspective!

Covering 59,200 square feet, the hotel has a restaurant, a cafe, and a bar where you can drink vodka from glasses made of ice. Extra activities such as dog-sledding or reindeer-sledding excursions, horseback riding, ice sculpting and snowmobile driving are included.

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

The hotel has 60 guest rooms that include television, high speed wireless internet connection and direct telephone. Also, if you think your food or refreshments need to be colder, the rooms also have a refrigerator.

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

Most guests choose to spend just one night “on ice”, usually spending the rest of their holiday in traditional accommodations.

“The best bit about staying in the IceHotel is getting into one of its sleeping bags”

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination
The amazing ice hotel is built every year, and its interior is unique. A team of designers are invited every year to build the hotel, all the rooms having statues and decorations made of ice.

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

If you thought that spending your night surrounded by ice is not pricey, think again. A room in the IceHotel costs 280 euros per night, while a suite is up to 600 euros per night.

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

Each year artist from around the world gather at the amazing ice hotel to add their unique touch or even to create a sculpture that will make the hotel even more interesting.
Guests are really excited when it comes to the uniqueness of the hotel.

“No two rooms are the same, the beauty of each is unique. It might feel like a fridge, but your room is actually a work of art”

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination
Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination
If you want to get married surrounded by ice, you can! The staff can offer wedding services (in an ice chapel), event catering and tour assistance. The facilities also include a sauna, but we are wondering… isn’t the ice melting in there?

Amazing Ice Hotel | Travel Destination

Despite the price and the coldness of the place, the amazing ice hotel attracts a lot of tourists each year, who seem to be enjoying their stay.

But what a room. Its thick walls, floor and ceiling are made of ice, as is the bed; the fixtures and décor are sculpted from ice.

What do you think of this amazing ice hotel? Would you put it on your destination list for next year? We hoped you enjoyed our article and don’t forget to share this amazing getaway with your friends!

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