Today I lost a mentor, Anthony Bourdain

8 June 2018

Today is a sad day.  I’ve been having a couple of those recently, days where you ask yourself: What the f*ck is going on?! This is one of them.

Today I lost a mentor. Someone I’ve never met in my life, but whom I looked up to and still had so much to learn from.

To say Anthony Bourdain is just an american chef with a travel show, would be an understatement. Anthony Bourdain IS food culture. One of the few remaining real rock-stars this world had.

A man who made me want to travel the world and experience food. A man I’ve joined on hundreds of journeys, with whom I’ve sat with at a hundred tables.

I was browsing the comments section on our YouTube channel when our profile on him started getting ”you will be remembered” comments. After a short google search my hands dropped as I stare at the screen in disbelief.

One of my mentors, my inspiration, committed suicide in his hotel room while filming a new episode in France. This is the first article I read.

I’m writing this piece with no reservations, it has nothing to do with you, the reader, instead it’s me who’s just trying to cope with something I can’t explain, or better said, I do not want to admit to myself.

Everybody is facing demons we know nothing about and we’re facing them alone.

It doesn’t matter how many hits the new episode gets, how praised you are in the media, when you close your eyes, you are alone with whatever’s been crawling inside your mind for the past several years. I knew he had his demons. We’ve seen them for the past 13 years, he had tamed them and put them to work, until today when they finally got to him.

I owe Anthony Bourdain my love of food, my love of travel and my love of exploring the parts unknown of this world.

Without his work, I wouldn’t have said F*CK IT and start our own travel show. He lit a fire inside of me which now I can’t put out. I need to explore the world, to experience it through all my senses. I owe this man so much.

I would say he died the way he lived, by his own choice; but how free to choose are we really?! This was his way out of the simulation. A big f*ck you to life itself. Life is limited. We are all human. We all die. Many of us are alive but never live. I tell myself he did both.

It’s 4 in the afternoon, I pour myself a glass of whiskey with only one rock, in your memory.

I would say we’ll meet in the after-life my friend, but we both know that’s not gonna happen. Rest in peace!