Presidential Armored Mercedes Maybach Sedan is the Ultimate Luxury

26 August 2016

The new Armored Mercedes Maybach is the Ultimate Executive Sedan

Introducing the Armored Mercedes Maybach. Mercedes is known for its German engineering and luxury vehicles. The Maybach has always been the gold standard worldwide for luxury cars.

However, the new Armoured Mercedes Maybach takes executive luxury to a new level. First of all, the Maybach weighs in at a whopping 5300 pounds. Consequently, it has excellent safety ratings for collisions.

Need even more protection? This armoured car is probably the safest luxury sedan ever. Bulletproof glass on the windshield and side windows shield occupants from stray bullets (or accurate ones). The armor plating on the chassis is strong enough to absorb a bomb blast. Nobody will be touching you in this behemoth of a limousine.

So, what does the price tag say on this sweet sedan? She can be yours for just $500,000.

Swanky on the Inside, Secure on the Outside

How did Mercedes come up with perhaps the best security innovations in luxury vehicles? It did it with the help ok “Inkas Armored”, a Canadian firm that specializes in armor plating and executive security. Feast your eyes on these photos of the Maybach’s fantastic features.

Armored Mercedes Maybach - Comparison with Older Models
For comparison – older Maybach models before Mercedes revived the brand | businessinsider.com

The Maybach brand has been around for some years but was only recently revived by Mercedes. Rapper Jay-Z frequently mentions this car in his songs.

Armored Mercedes Maybach - The car was released as a high-end version of the s class sedan
Mercedes Maybach s600 | businessinsider.com

This shot shows the Armored Mercedes Maybach in action. It has a very classy looking exterior and a luxury interior to match. The twin dual-exhausts are a signature Maybach feature. Can you imagine driving the ultimate luxury car to work everyday?

Armored Mercedes Maybach - The armoured S600 Maybach can stop a bullet.
The armoured S600 Maybach can stop a Bullet | businessinsider.com

Need extra protection in addition to safety? This car will make you feel invincible. Imagine yourself rolling through the city knowing that you can’t be touched because you’re behind bulletproof glass.

Armored Mercedes Maybach - Interior of the Mayback S600
The interior of the Maybach S600 makes it the ideal luxury sedan | businessinsider.com

Picture yourself in the lap of luxury. Bucket seats, external cameras and on-board navigation are just some of the features you’ll love inside this car. Could you ever drive another luxury sedan after this one?

Armored Mercedes Maybach - Maybach with vintage grill
Maybach with vintage grill design | Business Insider


Would you shell out half a million dollars for this high-end luxury car? Do you think there is a need for armor or is it just for show? Let us know in the comments or via social media.

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