Something’s Happening With Apple Products Since Steve Died

11 December 2015

How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died

Here at Alux we’re Apple fans, we just are, but we’re growing disappointed with the overall look and feel of the products! Although the technology and materials still feel premium we couldn’t notice some weird things happening, details that the former CEO would’ve never allowed! Today we’re looking at How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died!

While alive, there was a clear understanding that Steve Jobs was an asshole not a nice person. Let me tell you a story: he was so incredibly into the user experience that when the first ipod came out, he demanded it to be as small as technologically possible! After months and months of incredible work in research and development the team finally had it! The product that will change the world!

They took the iPod to Steve, he looked at it, inspected it and asked them if there was anymore room to make it even smaller! The team shook their heads since they’ve used up all the space inside the device and told him that there is no more room within the case to add anything else and none of the pieces could be made smaller.

Not impressed with their explanation, Steve Jobs took the first iPod and dropped it into a bowl of water and look carefully at it alongside the development team; several air bubbles  came out of the device. Steve pointed at the bubbles, took it out and sent it back so that the team can make great use of the extra space he discovered inside the pod.

That’s the kind of guy Steve was, he was a perfectionist, he hired the best designers and pushed them beyond their limits!

The head product designer at Apple is still Johnny Ive (there’s a book about him we recommend: Jony Ive: The Genius Behind Apple’s Greatest Products) with whom Steve has a great bond and many times annoyed Johnny with almost impossible tasks in terms of what apple devices should feel like.

Apple is still making the best looking products on the market with the best UI & UX but their competitors are breathing down their necks (Samsung’s devices are also incredibly good looking and Android is getting closer and closer to the experience IOS provides to the users) there is little room for error and the apple community has spotted several features that would have probably been handled differently if Steve was still around.

Let’s take a look at a few example of Bad Improvable Design & How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died!

1.The New Camera

The camera on the iPhone 6 and up is on the exterior of the phone, if you hold it sideways you can see the camera coming out of the phone!

This is not something Steve allowed on any of his devices.

Apple bad design How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died Iphone camera
The iPhone 6 Camera

2.The New Mouse’s Charging System

Although this is by far the best mouse Apple has put out, same with the iphone camera, there’s something that just doesn’t feel right: Charging the mouse!

Apart from the fact that the mouse is rendered useless while you’re charging it, something that you will need to do around 1 time /day, it simply looks like a hedgehog on it’s back unable to get up and being milked or injected by sophisticated technology.

Wireless charging pads are already a thing and we’re sure the apple fan boys will pay extra just to keep themselves from turning the mouse upside down every now and then!

Apple bad design How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died mouse - Copy
Apple Magic Mouse Charging

3.The New Apple Pencil

Probably Steve Jobs’ worst nightmare, having to use a stylus! Priced at $99 although trying to be branded as a “pencil” it’s basically a stylus!

Don’t take it from us, here’s the former CEO talking about it:

But still, the company came out with the Apple pencil and introduced it as a revolutionary device, that in order to be charged, needs to be inserted very awkwardly into your ipad or iphone.

It looks like a phone/tablet on a stick and with the slightest movement the pencil breaks so you need to buy another one! The experience is one of the poorest and they’ve made us expect more from them!

Apple bad design How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died apple pencil broke charging
Apple Pencil Charging

4.The New Apple Smart Cover

When apple announced it’s making a smart cover including a keyboard we were really pumped up, and although the product works fine it looks more like something you’d buy from a different manufacturer and use with your ipad than something developed in house!

In terms of how it matches with the device it looks weird, it has a big hump where the keyboard is. Even Microsoft managed to get their Surface Type Cover to fall relatively flat on the product and it doesn’t happen often for Microsoft to have offer a better visual experience than Apple.

Apple bad design How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died apple smart cover bulge closed alux new
iPad Smart Cover Keyboard Case

5.The New Apple Battery Case

This is probably one of the biggest challenges of modern technology and Apple fans have been crying for a battery case for years! Well.. they got it and the good news is that is works.

The thing is, it kinda looks like the iphone is pregnant or swallowed a smaller ipod by accident. Because Apple has been announcing thinner and smoother products every single year the way the product looks and feels in your hand came as a surprise.

Apple bad design How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died apple battery case looks like pregnant or swallowed ipod
Apple’s Battery Case

Either way, we have a feeling that Steve Jobs wouldn’t be too happy with what goes by as “OK” with the accessories and add-ons Apple has been coming out with recently.

Credits for the original photos go to The Verge and the resourceful web!

dissapointed sad steve jobs apple bad design product

Something weird is happening and I look forward to hearing your opinion in the comments! This was just a sample of How Apple Design Changed Since Steve Jobs Died!

PS: on the next page we put together an infographic will all this info that you can share or embed on your website if you want to.

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