New Watch Alert! $15,000 Heritage Explorer Rolex

5 September 2016

Introducing the New Bamford Heritage Explorer Rolex Collection

Bamford is turning back the hands of time by releasing the new Bamford Heritage Explorer Rolex watches. Bamford has designed and released two watches based on design elements from the 1970s. These timepieces use classic design elements with a modern feel to celebrate the Heritage of the Rolex brand. Most noteworthy, their modern mechanical innovations also make them more reliable than older versions.

The Bamford brand is known for the same luxury, quality, and service as Rolex. In addition, Bamford watches are handcrafted in meticulous detail. Each piece is so carefully constructed that each watch comes with a lifetime warranty. Bamford’s focus on service is a must, given the rather stiff price tag on one of these watches.

If you’ve seen the classic Glengarry Glenross film, this watch also costs more than your car. At a cool $15,000, the money you spend on the Heritage Explorer I could get you four wheels and an engine. This puts into perspective the saying that your car will be your second-biggest purchase (after a home). The upper-scale Paul Newman Daytona watch will run you a hefty $32,000 (see the images for why!)

The Bamford Heritage Explorer Collection

Bamford Heritage Explorer I Rolex Side Profile
Side profile view of the Bamford Heritage Explorer I bamfordwatchdepartment.com

First of all, it’s the subtle design elements make Rolex watches timeless. This watch uses the 39mm stainless steel case created by Rolex along with Bamford’s light titanium coating. Consequently, the watch is more resistant to wear and tear.

Bamford Heritage Explorer | Rolex Front View
Bamford Heritage Explorer I bamfordwatchdepartment.com

The Bamford Heritage Explorer uses the 3-6-9 face design, a honey comb dial with engraved crown, and gold-plated text and minute markers. These are many of the same features as 1970s Rolex watches.

Bamford Heritage Explorer | Front Angled View
Bamford Heritage Bicolour Paul Newman Daytona Front Angled View | bamfordwatchdepartment.com

The Paul Newman Daytona is simply unreal – a dream watch. The bicolor band and gold-plated everything give this watch a touch of elegance. Wouldn’t you rather have this than that new Lexus SUV you’ve been saving for?

Bamford Heritage Explorer | Side Angled View
Bamford Heritage Bicolour Paul Newman Daytona Side Angled View on grey background | bamfordwatchdepartment.com

The Paul Newman Daytona’s 3 dials are beautiful, functional and gold-plated. Do you prefer the single dial of the Bamford Heritage Explorer I model?

Bamford Heritage Explorer | Face View
Bamford Heritage Bicolour Paul Newman Daytona Close-up View of Face | bamfordwatchdepartment.com

This close-up view shows the tremendous detail in the design of the Paul Newman Daytona. With its three subdials, the Daytona really has every feature of a high-end luxury watch.

Bamford Heritage Explorer | Side Profile
Bamford Heritage Bicolour Paul Newman Daytona Side Angled Profile View | bamfordwatchdepartment.com

Now that you’ve seen both watches, which one would you choose? Let us know in the comments section or on social media today!

Find more information on how to order as well as other Bamford Rolex editions at BWD.

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