Batman-Themed Hotel Room is the Place to Be Seen In

3 March 2015

Batman-Themed Hotel Room is the Place You Want to Be

We’d like to present to you the Batman-themed hotel room!

Among a lot of unusual and extraordinary hotel rooms a new Batman-themed room rises among them.

When you are a true traveler among your journeys you will encounter many unusual and unexpected beds, but I can assure you nothing is compared with this one.

The Batman hotel room in the Eden Motel in Taiwan is exactly what you expect: a hotel room decorated in Batman paraphernalia that feels like the real Batman cave.

However, you have to book this hotel room by the hour and not by night, so make sure you book enough hours to enjoy it.

But wait, that is not everything!

The hotel room has amazing features. Among them is the Batman double bed, a big flat screen “Bat TV” in case you want to stay tuned or watch a movie while you’re in there.

Batman-Themed Hotel Room
Batman-Themed Hotel Room

Because it is a Batman-themed hotel room, it had to have tons of little bat kick knacks, like a Bat safe, a Batman poster, and a Batman mirror. (In case you want to take some selfies, duhh)

But what’s that one thing that’s missing? What’s the thing that makes Batman be Batman? His gadgets and his BATMOBILE!

Batman-Themed Hotel Room
Batman-Themed Hotel Room

Yes, you guessed! The Bat room couldn’t be complete without a Batmobile, and luckily, the owners of the hotel understand our need and honor it.

Most Profitable Superhero Movies Ever
Most Profitable Superhero Movies Ever

With all the amazing features in the bedroom and living room, you might thing that the bathroom was neglected.

But in fact, the Eden Motel hooked up its Batman-themed hotel room with an amazing, super cool and badass Batman-tub.

The room has everything: decked out with a cave-inspired ceiling, black furniture, gargoyles, bats, a Tumbler-shaped seating area and bat signal-shaped…everything…the Eden Motel is made to be booked by the hour.

Batman-Themed Hotel Room
Batman-Themed Hotel Room

I might be taking gibberish, but I think that the hotel owners may be Batman fans, what do you think?

Being Batman is not just living in a billion dollars villa like Bruce Wayne and enjoying the expensive things, but also having a rad batcave. I believe this one enters the category of “batcave”.

Batman-Themed Hotel Room
Batman-Themed Hotel Room |via: eden-motel.com.tw|

The rent-per-hour motel has a going rate of $50 for just three hours, which is not enough for Batman fans.

The hotel itself has been around for a while, but every time it’s rediscovered the Internet goes wild because, really, how is this not a widespread thing by now?

What do you think? Have you check into this Batman-themed hotel room?