10 Most Beautiful Billionaires Around The World

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Beautiful Billionaires With High Roller Accounts

While most of you are wondering who are the richest people on earth we were talking about another aspect or the wealthy and came up with the list of the 10 most beautiful billionaires in the world.

These people have one thing that most of the modern day is looking for, the beauty factor that surprisingly is a place that matters less when you are talking about their wealth.

The billionaires share of the world not only their ideas and genius minds, but also have the capacity to turn heads when walking down the street or attract some eyes when entering the room.

So let’s see which are the most attractive billionaires and what where did they made such an immense wealth.

10. Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila

Taking the first contender into the spotlight might seem a little weird because the two main aspects of these people are their wealth and the way they look.

So for number 10 we picked Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila a Columbian and American who has taken the path of his father and manages a family conglomerate which makes him and the rest of his brothers billions.

With an estimated net worth of 4 billion, recently published in march, the businessman is pretty successful with several important positions.

Topping the list with his looks, the man is currently a very important philanthropist that has been involved in numerous non-profit organizations which have important social and business causes.

#10 Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila | Beautiful Billionaires Around The World | Image Source: billionaire.com
#10 Alejandro Santo Domingo Davila | Beautiful Billionaires Around The World | Image Source: billionaire.com
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