Beautiful Black Desert House

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Beautiful Black Desert House

Located in Yucca Valley and sitting at an altitude of 4,000 feet, the beautiful Black Desert House is unique minimalistic piece of architecture.

The house was designed by Marc Atlan in collaboration with an architecture firm named Oller & Pejic and the interior design was the creation of Moderne Builders.

The beautiful Black Desert House is located at just thirty minutes outside of Palm Springs and is constantly providing a series of changing colourful panoramas.

The challenge in building it was to build a house like a shadow due to its sunny location, but at the same time to capture almost 360 degrees of the amazing surroundings, and they managed to do that by equipping it with enormous glass windows and sliding doors.

So let’s move on and take a look at this Beautiful Black Desert House!

Beautiful Black Desert House

This beautiful black desert house was built for rental by photography, film and commercial production companies, and provides some of the most picturesque natural landscapes that Southern California has to offer.

Beautiful Black Desert House

Even the pool is black-tiled, forming a fine line on the base level, mirroring the rocks and hills of the desert in the distance, making it fit perfectly in the picture.

Beautiful Black Desert House

The hard lines design and the black texture of the house stands in hard contrast to the natural desert, mirroring its beauty.

Beautiful Black Desert House

Inside the house, as expected, a minimalistic design with the same black coloured walls, but put in contrast by different pieces of furniture like these red chairs.

Beautiful Black Desert House

All the living spaces provide an amazing view of its surroundings and the breathtaking desert landscape. Just imagine sitting comfy right here in this couch and enjoying the beautiful views nature has to offer.

Beautiful Black Desert House

Is not that hard to figure it out why Marc Atlan envisioned this beautiful black desert house as a creative production site.

Beautiful Black Desert House

The house features an open plan kitchen, maintaining the same minimalistic style and combining the all black design with a dark grey touch.

Beautiful Black Desert House

To wrap it up, the beautiful black desert house is arranged around a central courtyard in the middle of it proudly taking its place, an olive tree which features an angular gravelled area.

How would you like to spend at least a couple of days in this amazing house? Can you see yourself just sitting there with a glass of wine enjoying a beautiful sunset?

We hope you enjoyed our article about this Beautiful Black Desert House

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Official Website: The Black House  |  All images © Marc Angeles

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