Beauty Secrets From Models |Top 10

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Beauty Secrets From Models |Top 10

If you have seen a fashion show in your life, you surely wondered about what those models are doing to always look so gorgeous. Now, you have the chance to hear it directly from the source and learn these Beauty Secrets From Models |Top 10.

We are going to see what tips and tricks are using some of the most famous models of the moment, including Victoria’s Secret models which are known to be the sexiest in the industry.

After many years spent backstage and working with professional make up artists, they have learnt some valuable beauty secrets and they are willing to share them with us. Let’s discover them together.

10Hilary Rhoda

Hilary Ronda pays much attention to how make up artists work and she seems to have learnt quite a few things.

She knows exactly what parts of your face you should be highlighting and she says it takes just two seconds.

“I always like to watch what makeup artists do so I can try to learn new things. I always do the contouring and I highlight the cheekbones, the eye sockets with a little bronzer… just that, even, kind of makes you look more awake and refined, and you can do in two seconds. That’s something that I do every day.”

Beauty Secrets From Models |Top 10 - Hilary Rhoda
Beauty Secrets From Models |Top 10 – Hilary Rhoda
Beauty Secrets From Models |Top 10 - Hilary Rhoda
Beauty Secrets From Models |Top 10 – Hilary Rhoda
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