Beauty Tips for Redheads

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Beauty Tips for Redheads

Being a woman is difficult, but trust my words when I say that being a redhead is even more difficult! Therefore, today I’m going to share with you the most essential beauty tips for redheads to make your life even better.

As a redhead myself, I think I speak for all of you when I say that it sometimes gets a little bit more complicated. Red is a very pretentious hair color and it requires extra attention and tricks if you want to preserve that vivid color from the beginning.

And trust me ladies, once you choose red, everything changes: the makeup, the clothing, the old habits. Sure, it’s totally worth it…I mean you saw us, we’re hot as Hell and men adore us! Anyways, one thing’s for certain: once you go red, you can never go back!

How to Protect Your Hair Color

The trouble with red is that it fades away really soon if you don’t know some secrets. And it’s so frustrating! I, myself, was going nuts some time ago because I didn’t manage to keep that bright color I had the first days after dying my hair.

Well, that happened until I began to make some research on the topic and found out exactly what I needed. Therefore, I made a list of the 5 most crucial tips in order to save your hair color:

  1. I know you probably follow the myth of dying the hair when it’s dirty, but I tell you – this has to stop! This was a problem a long time ago when the chemicals in the hair color were a lot stronger, now that’s just absurd. Plus, the red color penetrates better the clean hair.
  2. After dying the hair, do not wash it for at least the next 48 hours or you will release the pigment earlier than it should be released!
  3. Avoid going to the swimming pool for at least two weeks after dying the hair, the effect of chlorinated water on your hair is disastrous!
  4. Use a high quality shampoo, mandatory a color-protect one and preferably a sulfate free one. The most suitable would be the Henna shampoos because of the benefic effects of plant extracts in Henna. Give it a try! And remember not to wash the hair with hot water because it releases the pigment!
  5. Be really careful at the midday sun! If you can’t stay away from it, find a way to protect your hair from it – use UV protection products on your hair or at least cover your head with a hat.
beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips & tricks for redheads
beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips & tricks for redheads
beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips & tricks for redheads
beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips & tricks for redheads
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