Beauty Tips for Redheads

20 August 2014

Makeup Tips

Now that we took care of the hair, let’s get the best out of that beautiful face of yours!

As I said before, red is a very pretentious color and influences the face features, but with the right makeup magic can happen!

So, let’s take it step by step and take care of everything: foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara and blusher.

  • Foundation

Take it easy on the foundation and don’t ever use pink tones! I know the yellow ones look a bit weird in the bottle, but trust me, it will look a lot different on your skin. Try it out!

  • Eyeshadow

The eyes probably pop the most out of your face, so we’ll be extra careful on this one. Let’s take it by the color:

If you have blue eyes, you should settle down to warmer Earth tones and sometimes spice it up with variations of gold and bronze.

beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips for redheads

For green eyes, the key is the whole palette of purples, violets and mauves, but for a casual look you can safely bet on Earth tones such as khaki or beige.

beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips for redheads

Now if you have brown eyes, you practically won the lottery. Brown eyes go mostly with anything, from neutral colors (shades of brown and pink) to the mauve palette.

beauty tips for redheads8
beauty tips for redheads
  • Eyeliner

The best choice for the eyeliner of a redhead is a gold one, it matches the shades of gold from your hair – especially if you chose the copper or ginger shade.

There is a rumour out there that says black eyeliner isn’t for redheads. Lies! Go ahead and wear sexy black cateyes – now that’s a winning combination! I don’t know what it is about red hair and cateyes, but I know one thing for sure: definitely hot!

beauty tips for redheads
beauty tips for redheads
  • Lipstick

On a daily basis, go with neutral colors, you can’t go wrong with that, but for a late night out in the city I suggest full red lips!

  • Mascara

Never use black mascara, it’s way too much for red hair, but instead go with a dark brown mascara, it will give you the same effect without being so aggresive.

  • Blusher

The same story as for the foundation, don’t use pink shades! Use anything with yellow undertones – light brown, apricot etc.

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