Become a Modern Gentleman: Buy a Proper Watch

27 January 2015

Become a Modern Gentleman: Buy a Proper Watch

As I stated before in several articles, the watch is the piece that completes an outfit.

So you might want to invest in one, and we’re talking here about serious money. If you want to purchase a good watch, you will have to spend big on it.

Consider it as an investment, in time it’s value will keep rising, so it’s a win-win situation.

A timepiece does not only look good, but it’s practical too, a true gentleman should always know what time it is.

Remember how we talked about the right things to do when you’re going to an interview? Well the first thing on the list was to be punctual, and how can you do that without a watch?

Yeah yeah, some will say that phones can tell the time as well, but you can’t compare a phone with a timepiece, especially a handmade timepiece, manufactured by some of the best brands in the world.


Here’s the perfect example of what I was saying. What would you prefer, checking the time on your phone, or on a beautifully designed watch that sits perfectly on your wrist?

And we’re going to give you some examples of watches that you might consider purchasing, or at least, they’ll help you get an idea on what timepiece you’ll want to wear.

If you don’t know what type of watch you want to wear, or suits you best, here’s a list of 10 types of timepieces:

After you’ll take a look at these watches, you’ll find out that you can’t settle on just one, and that’s how it starts, that’s how one gets his watch collection.

And that’s not a bad thing at all, the more, the better. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a watch for every outfit?

I bet the answer is yes! But we have to say that we love how watches look on a man dressed in a suit, yes, this is the perfect combination of a true modern gentleman.

Become a Modern Gentleman Buy a Proper Watch

Ok, now you know what type of watch you want to buy, but what brand should you choose? Not a problem, we got that covered. Here’s a list of the best brands on the market.

If you’re really an enthusiast and you want to find out more about watches, I recommend you browse our Luxury Watches page.

You will find there all the watches you could think of, from sport watches, to casual, luxury and most expensive, we have them covered, and they’re all stunning.

And before you go, I’ll leave you with this quote: “Time is the most precious thing in life. It influences every single moment and everything we do. To manage time is to manage life!”