Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job

26 June 2016

Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job

If you’re unhappy with your workplace and you feel like it’s taking you nowhere, this is the thing for you.

You most certainly know somebody, or that somebody has a friend that really hates his job and complains a lot about it.

That’s stuck at a desk, constantly looking at the time, praying for the day to end, go home and do something they really love, or just relax.

We would all like to get paid doing something we love, and at some point we’re all hoping to get our hands on that dream job.

But a lot of people misunderstand the whole concept of it, and I’ll let you know exactly what I’m talking about.

A dream job is not about getting lots of money doing nothing, it’s about doing something you’ll love, regardless of the amount of work you have to put in it.

You still need some skills, you still need to put a lot of hard work, and maybe you will have to work more hours a day, but the thing is, you’ll love it.

Aren’t you tired of all the complaining about and fuss around the first day of the week? Everybody complaining it’s Monday.

Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job
Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job | via fastcompany.net

Well these are the people who are not doing what they love, and that’s exactly what I’m talking about. But why?

Maybe they don’t know what their dream job is, maybe they’re to afraid of change, maybe they’re afraid to fail, and that’s the first step to a long and miserable “career”.

Don’t be afraid to fail, and what’s the big deal if you do? It won’t kill you, you’ll pick yourself up and try again, and again, until you succeed.

Ingredients of A Dream Job:

Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job
Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job | via classyratchet.com
  • Use your gifts and talents – If you can achieve something with the skills you have, you’re on the right path.
  • Do what you love – It’s essential to love everything about your job, and take pleasure in everything you do.
  • Use the things you love – Get inspired by everything you care about and try building something from it.
  • Work with the people you love – Surround yourself with a good, productive and fun team and you will find your job better than ever

If you can check everything on this list, then I’m happy to announce you that you finally came across your dream job!

Once you do get the courage to give it a try, here’s a few things you’ll need to know when you’re going to an interview:

Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job
Become a Modern Gentleman: Getting Your Dream Job | via blog.careerintelligence.com
  • Try to arrive ten or fifteen minutes early – It’s actually common sense not to be late at a job interview. This will say a lot about you as a future employee.
  • Dress accordingly and comfortable – If you look good, you’ll feel good and confident.
  • First impressions matter – So a firm handshake, your appearance and good manners will give you a head start.
  • Be aware of your body language – Try not to laze back down the chair, cross your arms or start tapping your legs or the desk in front of you.
  • Do a little research before – You don’t want to go there not knowing what the job is about looking like a total fool. Do your research!
  • Be honest to yourself about your interest in the job – many perfectly qualified people are turned down because they’re not passionate enough about the job.

So what are you waiting for? Go out there and give it your best, don’t be afraid to fail, and the most important, thing is to be confident!