15 Steps to Becoming James Bond

24 February 2019

What does it take to become James Bond? & What can we learn from him?

Hello Aluxers, we have a carte blanche for you today, since we’re looking at what are the steps to becoming James Bond.

Since we were kids we’ve all had a fascination for 007, so why not take this opportunity to look into what makes him so damn appealing to both men and women.

As we go through the list, you’ll start to understand the traits that could elevate your life and if you’re smart, you’ll start to sprinkle some of them in your day to day.

Doing so, you’ll realize life is getting more exciting and slowly, you’re becoming the most interesting person in the room.

And who doesn’t want that?

As always, if you don’t feel like reading, here’s the video version of this post:

Here are 15 Steps to becoming James Bond.

Number 1: Dress Smart
First things first, you need to stop looking like a turd. Find yourself a quality barber, stop going to the cheap hair salon where your mom also gets her nails done. A gentleman should get a haircut every 2 weeks.

Secondly, start investing in your wardrobe. It’s called a WARdrobe, because you are taking it to WAR.

Stop buying a lot of cheap clothes and instead by a more expensive piece and take care of it.

Slowly build up your portfolio and have at least 1 proper attire for every occasion.

Number 2: Be charming & confident
Let’s face it, most of you are creepy and do not know how to behave in public.

You get better at it through practice and observing the way other people behave when they are around you.

Charm is something you can learn.

It’s a technique of getting people to trust you by embodying what they like. It’s usually security, sophistication, a bit of mystery and feeling safe enough to joke with you.

There’s a difference in someone laughing at you and someone laughing with you!

Number 3: Talk the Talk
You need to be educated, to hold a decent conversation on plenty of topics.

The more familiar you are with whatever is being discussed, the more dots you can connect in your speech and win arguments and people over.

We’re all attracted to intellect, but not in the academic way, but in the, I’ve lived through it and got some wisdom along the way.

Number 4: Walk the Walk
Do not be a pretender, instead be the best version you can be today and strive to be even better tomorrow.

If your actions do not match your attitude you’re just looking like an arsehole.

There’s a certain appeal to those who are confident in their on skin, in their abilities.

They carry themselves differently, they seem like they are gliding through life.

Number 5: Get yourself some cool gadgets
Every time we connect our apple watch and our airpods to our iPhone we feel like we’re living in the future. The technology we have available today is what 1980s bond films dreamed of. Not sure how many of you know this, but you can actually use your apple watch as a phone and what is more spy worthy than talking to your wrist.

These days, you can summon your Tesla to come to you, the car comes with a biohazard air filtering option and most of the items in your home now come in a smart, connect to the internet,

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Start behaving like Bond and secure yourself for the next 3 years!

Number 6: Drive an Aston Martin
Or at least something cool. Automobiles as we know them are evolving. They’re getting infused with technology and the comfort available today could never be matched in the past. Take advantage of this.

Also, for extra cool points, get yourself different licenses to drive a motorcycle, a boat, why not learn to fly a light plane or a helicopter?

How many people do you know that can say they know how to fly a helicopter? You’re instantly top of the food chain if you do.

Number 7: Travel to far away places
The more you travel, the more you learn about yourself and the world. You’ll soon realize how insignificant you are in the large scheme of things and that will allow you to finally be free. If you’re so small, you are free to start over every day, you are free to take risks, to learn, to meet people, to be alive.

Travel is the ultimate investment in yourself!

We’ve learned more in our travels than we did in any educational institution. Travel forces you out of your cocoon and gives you the opportunity to absorb knowledge and wisdom.

Be a traveler, not a tourist!

Number 8: Play to odds
You’ve seen Bond do this in almost every movie. The casino scene, is a metaphor for his every mission.

He enters the beautiful casino, meets the gorgeous woman, sits down at a very dangerous table usually across the villain, makes a calculated bet and goes all on when he understands the odds are in his favor.

If that’s not a metaphor for life, we don’t know what is.

You have to start understanding risk, odds and playing to win big. Otherwise, you’re just going to fade away into mediocrity.

Number 9: Don’t have to worry about money
In order to become like Bond, you should stop being emotionally attached to money.

The average person, trades his valuable life in exchange for money, while high level players understand that money isn’t actually real.

Those of you who have been with us for a while now, are familiar with this concept.

Once you’re able to escape this trap, money becomes just a number on a screen or paper with faces printed on it.

It’s similar to any game you’ve played as a child, you’re no longer losing at it, you’re just playing for a new high-score.

Number 10: Stop being a Beta-Male
A while back we made a very powerful video called 15 signs you’re a beta-male, in which we called out behaviors that sink people into mediocrity and unhappiness.

Some people received it really well while the beta-males got really offended when they identified themselves in the video.

At some point you need to take control of your life and start making decisions according to who you could become not who you are today.

If you’re curious to check if you’re a beta-male or not, watch the video below, it’s a real cold shower, but definitely necessary.

Number 11: Know how to use a gun or your tools of the trade.
We’re in very dangerous territory right now, even mentioning the g-word on youtube, but what would James Bond be without his Walther PPK?!

Learn how to use one, how to hold it and what it can do.

Then it’s your choice whether you are pro or against guns.

In Bonds case, it’s also a metaphor for learning to use the tools of the trade.

Whatever you are doing in life, master the tools at your disposal and leverage them to achieve success in your mission.

Number 12: Master at least one contact sport
Getting physical with someone else will teach you so much that it should be a must in everyone’s development.

It teaches discipline, it teaches patience, it teaches technique and above everything it teaches you to be in control.

If you’re looking to pick one, Brazilian jujitsu  is probably the way to go, it’s risen in popularity in recent years, especially from the influence of Joe Rogan.

The better you get at any contact sport the more you will avoid conflict.

Number 13: Master the art of love making
One of the iconic characteristics of Bond is his romantic endeavors. Almost every moment is memorable in itself.

All James Bonds have had different approaches to romance, but all of them are portrait as terrific lovers.

This is aided by being in top physical shape and understanding what makes a woman tick.

Life is too short to have a boring love life, maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Number 14: Be witty
Some of the most iconic Bond moments come from his ability to be witty.

It’s something that takes quite a bit of intellect and emotional intelligence.

People who can be witty are not only more intelligent than the average person, but are able to read others and connect dots for social gain.

This is a very underappreciated skill that can work wonders in your personal life.

Number 15: Study James Bond
Rewatch the old movies, laugh at the funny tech or fight scenes, but pay close attention to how the writers portray bond. There’s value in the way that he carries himself, in the way that he talks and interacts with other members of the story.

We’ve been big fans of Ian Fleming’s novels since we discovered that there’s an entire James Bond Universe most people have no idea about. The books are phenomenal and allow you to discover Bonds in a way you’ve never done before.

All things considered Aluxers, who was your favorite James Bond actor? Do you fancy Daniel Craig or are you into the previous models of bond? Let us know in the comments!

This wraps up our approach to what it takes to becoming James Bond!